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Ингуши заставили отвечать за слова ТНТ и камеди клаб. А Русские так смогут?

Topic material: The participants of the Comedy Woman show on the channel" TNT " insulted the residents of Ingushetia number about a girl from the Republic, providing escort services. After the hype, the TV channel removed the video from all resources, and the General Director of Comedy Club Production Andrey Levin apologized personally to the Ingush authorities for the unsuccessful joke. However, the representatives of the Diaspora in Moscow words were not enough. In the story, the heroine Catherine Skulkina chastised a girl from Ingushetia for poor escort of guests from Surgut. Allegedly, instead of the cultural program, she led them down a tomato and hinkelman. The character then Skulking sent the Ingush accompany Timur Rodriguez, but she refused. "You look at her Russian Michael Jackson offers you 900 rubles, and you turn your nose humpback", — said on stage Skulkin. The speech angered the representatives of Ingushetia. After some time the fragment was removed from all TNT resources. Skulkin apologized to the Ingush. And the CEO of Comedy Club Production Andrey Levin even came to the permanent mission of Ingushetia in Moscow on December 11 to Express public apologies for the show. "I, the General Director of Comedy Club Production Andrey Levin, want to Express my deep apologies in connection with the material that was released. We sincerely did not want to offend and insult someone, it happened by chance,"-said Levin during a meeting with the permanent representative of the Republic Alikhan Tsechoev. Levin promised to significantly strengthen control over the quality of jokes. Tsechoev, in turn, thanked the media Manager for the prompt response. "For the Caucasian people, the honor of a woman is a very sensitive issue, so the issue on the air of Comedy Woman touched our compatriots. This situation was reported to the head of Ingushetia Yunus-Bek Evkurov. I am grateful to you that you reacted quickly and came to apologize," the Ambassador said. Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Ingush Diaspora in Moscow, Daud Khuchiev, believes that an apology is not enough. "You need to shut the hell these stupid show glorifying the vices! Although a demand from television programs, and policies if we allow yourself to insult people on a national basis! When on TV we have sound is "Armenian", "Uzbeks", "churki", "Murka", "archies" — this is called?",- said Khuchiev Can Russian and other indigenous peoples of Russia also take note of this precedent? __ Subscribe to kramola in social networks: VC OK FB The website # TNT #zombie # debilitation