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Он не побоялся бросить вызов США и банкирам. Генерал Шарль Де Голль против Мирового Правительства

Material on the subject At the beginning of 1965, the new York port and airport received shipments of dollars, which France sent for exchange for gold, stored in the hands of the us Federal reserve. This action led the American leadership into a rage, however, it was forced to give the gold owed to the French. What prompted the General to " revolt» The reasons for this act were laid down by the events that began during the Second world war. In the last years of the war, this strong fierce patriot of France, despite the direct dependence on the Anglo-Saxon countries, is not going to make her their puppet, strongly irritated the leaders of the US and the UK. In the course of interaction within the group of Western allies, De Gaulle's active contacts with the USSR, the General formed the background of the conflict with the United States. At the same time, at the conclusion of the Breton-Wood agreements, the very system of global financial domination of the United States was created, which was challenged by de Gaulle. In July 1944, in the American town of Bretton Woods, new Hampshire, during the conference, with the participation of dozens of key countries, was created by the same international system of money relations and trade, incredibly beneficial, especially the leadership of the United States and cancels the previous system based on the principles of the "gold standard". The United States, which became very rich in trade during the Second world war, controlled most of the world's gold reserves and world GDP, and during the conference managed to impose a new calculation procedure on 44 States, including France, in which the currencies of the States that joined the system were tied to the dollar, and the American currency itself to gold. In theory, the Americans had to give in exchange for their currency, the gold they kept at the request of the holders of the dollar. That is natural, not practiced, and the agreement was a means of ensuring economic domination of the American Empire, which is the same Soviet Union, of course did not agree. After gaining power, de Gaulle quickly realized the danger of the current system in Bretton woods. Overall strategy From the very beginning of his active political activity, de Gaulle did not want to bend under the United States. Even before the presidency, he strongly conflicted with the General, and then the leader of the United States Eisenhower, who was to become the head of the American contingent in France, and in fact, to control the country. "The last great Frenchman" supported the project of a strong Europe (with the exception of Britain), and within the framework of this strategy was to strengthen contacts with former enemies in the face of Germany, was ready to actively interact with the USSR, despite the General dislike for communism. Moreover: not just was ready, but also went to strengthen cooperation with the Union, which has repeatedly visited. With the Soviet Union, the General has established a fairly constructive relationship. De Gaulle actively strengthened the defense potential of France, refused the burdensome load of colonies, despite the fierce and dangerous for him opposition to the right, doing everything to increase the strength of the French Republic. President de Gaulle initiated and conducted a forced development of French nuclear weapons. He had a long conflict with the US and NATO, in the end, left the Alliance. Financial blow Aware of the huge damage to both the French and European economies from participation in the Bretton Woods agreements, de Gaulle was preparing to strike at the financial direction. Back in February 1965, at a press conference with the world media, the Frenchman directly announced his intention to challenge dollar dominance, saying that he could not present any other standard for the monetary system, except for gold directly, which caused a world sensation. Learning about this, us President Lyndon Johnson spoke in the spirit that de Gaulle "completely crazy." In the spring of the same year, a cargo of us dollars from France arrived in the US. The consequences of the move Despite the threats and bickering, the United States had to fulfill its obligations, getting a dollar and giving the French the gold. The process, which lasted until the end of the year, began, during which the first tranche for the exchange of dollars for gold, in the amount of 1.5 billion, was followed by the rest, and as a result of the $ 5.5 billion available at the beginning of the process, France had only 800 million. __ Subscribe to kramola in social networks: VC OK FB The website #Calderoli #Dollar #USA