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The Americans were not on the moon Each nation individually and the whole of mankind as a whole seeks only to advance new horizons in the development of the economy, medicine, sports, science, new technologies, including studying astronomy and conquering outer space. We hear about big breakthroughs in the space industry, but were they really? Did the Americans land on the moon or maybe it was one big play? You are well aware that it is almost impossible to convince an atheist that there is a god or vice versa on the believer to impose the concept of Darwinism. But nevertheless, we challenge you and declare that after our review you will finally be convinced of the truth of the falsification of the landing on the moon. The material was prepared by the researcher Alexei Simakov for the portal of Kramol. The suits. After visiting the "National Museum of Aviation and Cosmonautics of the USA" in Washington, anyone wishing to make sure: an American diving suit is a very simple robe, sewn in a hurry. NASA states that the suits were sewn at the factory for the production of bras and underwear, that is, their suits, sewed from the fabric of cowards and they allegedly protect themselves from the aggressive space environment, from the radiation-damaging radiation. However, maybe NASA really developed ultra-reliable suits that protect against radiation. But why did not they use this ultralight material anywhere else? Not for military purposes, not for peaceful purposes. Why was there no help given to Chernobyl, let it be for money, as the American presidents like to do? Well, let's say still the restructuring did not start and the Soviet Union did not want to help. But, after all, for example, in the year 79 in the United States, a terrible accident of the reactor block occurred at the Trimail Island NPP. So why did not they use strong spacesuits developed using NASA technology to eliminate radiation contamination - a time-lagged mine on its territory? Radiation radiation from the sun is harmful to humans. Radiation is one of the main obstacles in the exploration of outer space. For this reason, even today all manned flights pass no more than 500 kilometers from the surface of our planet. But the Moon does not have an atmosphere and the radiation level is commensurable with the open space. For this reason, both in the manned spacecraft and in the spacesuit on the surface of the moon, astronauts were to receive a lethal dose of radiation. Nevertheless, they are all alive. Neil Armstrong and the other 11 astronauts have lived on average 80 years, and someone is still alive, such as Buzz Aldrin. By the way, he, by 2015, honestly admitted that he was not on the Moon. It is interesting to know how they could so well survive when a small dose of radiation is enough to develop leukemia - blood cancer. As you know, none of the astronauts died of oncology, which raises only questions. Theoretically, you can protect yourself from radiation. The question is, what kind of protection can be sufficient for such a flight. Engineers' calculations show that to protect astronauts from cosmic radiation, the walls of the ship and the spacesuit need not be less than 80 cm thick, made of lead, which, naturally, was not. Such a weight can not be lifted by any rocket. The costumes were not simply riveted, but there were no simple things necessary for life support. So in the spacesuits that used in the program Apollo completely missing the system for the withdrawal of waste products. Americans either during the whole flight with gags in different places endured, did not write and did not croak. Either all that came out of them immediately they processed. Otherwise they would simply suffocate from their excrement. It does not mean that the system for the withdrawal of waste products was bad - it was simply absent. Astronauts walked the moon in rubber boots, but it's interesting to know how they got it, if the temperature on the Moon ranges from +120 to -150 degrees Celsius. How did they obtain the information and technology of making shoes that are resistant to wide temperature ranges? After all, the only material that possesses the necessary properties was opened after flights and began to be used in production only 20 years after the first landing on the moon.