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The moon is the closest to our planet and seemingly the most studied celestial body. We all know from school age that this is a natural satellite of the Earth in the form of a ball, which makes a complete revolution around it, about 27 and a half days… Who thought, “You're going to push us about the moon for 10 minutes?!”. I just want to ask you three questions. You can answer them-then feel free to switch to something else. Question one: how do we explain the amazing coincidence of the speeds of rotation of the Earth and the moon around its axes, so that the Moon is always turned to the Earth only one side? Question two: Why does the rule of light and shadow propagation on the surface of rounded objects not work in the case of a natural earth satellite? And finally, Why does lunar gravity attract millions of tons of water during tides, but cannot attract dust in the air during that low tide?? Are you having trouble answering that? In reality, the theme of the moon is TEEMING with oddities and inconsistencies! And right now, we are ready to share with you the top 10 MOST UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES of the MOON. 10th place. Why can't space corporations provide real pictures of the moon from earth's orbit? The US national space Agency and Roscosmos spend billions of dollars on their research programs, and the results of these programs are more than doubtful. Judge: On NASA's website (by the way, NASA translates from Hebrew as “cheat”; another coincidence was published a video of the movement of the moon around the Earth spacecraft in July 2015. It is possible to see the very dark SIDE of the MOON. But there are at least 2 "BUT“: the first - in this” video" walking around the earth the Moon is not a degree turned around its axis, as if the computer just inserted a circle and gave it movement. But that's not all. If you increase the area where the Moon " flies” on top of the Earth, and slightly add contrast, you can see that the Moon... TRANSLUCENT! Try to remember: have you ever - at least once in your life - seen a REAL photo or video of the moon near-without photoshop, without the use of computer graphics? Why do you need to write low-quality computer graphics with outright blunders? 9th place. Why does the Moon Shine its own” cold " light? It is proved empirically that the Moon emits its own, unique light. It's interesting that it does NOT heat, but rather ABSORBS heat. Measurements of temperature under the moonbeams and in the shadows surprised researchers: in the light of the moon street temperature was always LOWER than in the shadows. If light gray, the MOON receives the light from the burning Sun, why giving the COLD light is not just “cold” in the sense of shade, and the LIGHT COLLECTING HEAT. There is also no reasonable explanation for this in official science. 8th place. Why the Moon and the Sun in the sky as if “pagagnini” to each other in size? Astronomy teaches us that the formation of the Solar system began about 4.6 billion years ago, that the Solar system was formed from the gravitational collapse of a small part of a giant interstellar molecular cloud. Cosmic dust and gases whirled, whirled, collided and formed celestial bodies... in Other words, The earth and the Moon appeared from the realm of chaos and confusion… Have you ever wondered WHAT, in fact, the percentage of the likelihood that the moon and the Sun in the sky ACCIDENTALLY customized to each other TO SUCH an EXTENT JEWELRY? This percentage is so insignificant that it is practically wiped into dust - the one from which chaotic movement planets and the Sun are allegedly created. 7th place. Why is the Moon often "illuminated"from the opposite side of the sun? Watching the lunar cycles, I always wondered why the Moon is often illuminated in such a way as if the sun shines from the other side. Sometimes it happens that the Moon is illuminated from above, and the Sun falls over the horizon. Or... the satellite is highlighted on the right, and the light is to the left of it, and Vice versa. Where does the Moon get its light? Why is it, according to researchers, “not friends with geometry"? Over the explanation of this puzzle is still struggling scientists and naturalists. If you have strong arguments explaining this discrepancy, we are looking forward to your comments. The 6th place. Is it a coincidence that the average menstrual cycle is almost equal to the lunar one? In the worldview of our ancestors, a woman is usually associated with the Moon, and a man - with the Sun. The combination of these two principles - Yin and Yang, Lunar and Solar, Heavenly and Terrestrial provided harmony of natural processes, gave the beginning of new life.