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THE SIMPLE RUSSIAN PEOPLE-CHANGING LIVES FOR THE BETTER. 10 INSPIRING EXAMPLES OF PEOPLE GOING AGAINST THE SYSTEM We live in the midst of information and psychological warfare. The system tests us daily for strength, imposing on us anti-human values and an absolutely unnatural way of life and thinking. In the comments to our previous videos you often asked "what should we do?" What can I do alone? How can we influence the events taking place in the country? Or just complained about life, they say nothing depends on us. Like everything is to blame the government, secret organizations or someone else. Of course, much depends on the authorities. But there are people living among us who by their deeds prove to us that you can change your life and others, no matter what the difficulties, the government and the Freemasons. In Rostov-on-don, away from tourist routes, in one of the residential areas is an inconspicuous nine-story building. But if you go to its first entrance-you will find a cultural shock. Buying an apartment in this panel desyatietazhki in 2001, Konstantin Nikolaev longingly noticed that his porch all dull green walls, gray cement floors. Constantine was then 39 years old, and he decided to make your entrance charm, for my money, and was decorated with all the floors with the orientation nanorevolution merchant's house in Rostov. He had supporters and enemies, and, in the first place, did not appreciate his works, the Board of the homeowners Association (HOA) ."My initiative was completely contrary to their position in life," — said Konstantin. In 2008, the Board of the house filed a lawsuit against Constantine for actions without permission, the Court ruled that Constantine should return the entrance to its original state. Then the artist appealed to the mayor, who advised to challenge the decision in the court of cassation with the support of the city administration as a third party. As a result, Konstantin defended his project. A resident of Yekaterinburg, a mother of four children, explains to expectant mothers that you can not kill your child. For a year and a half, which Elena works with pregnant women, more than 200 babies were born. Once in a Network she came across a roller in which in the smallest details the abortion process was shown. After that, the mother of four children decided that she would fight for the life of every baby. Limit Elena Koksharova-just a week. This is the period gynecologists give pregnant women to think about abortion. Sometimes she manages to cope with the task in just a few minutes, and sometimes the conversations go a long nervous hours with tears in his eyes. Only for a year 140 happy women came and personally expressed gratitude to Elena. A large mother-psychologist does not take a penny for her work. Her colleagues note that Elena invests herself in a good cause. Even after the babies are born, she takes part in their fate – helps with clothes, toys and strollers. Agree, each of you like when you see not just gray walls, but interesting paintings, sculptures, graffiti. Numerous examples of artists who make their city cozier and more beautiful. In such a city you want to live, looking at these wonderful works you are inspired, you want to rejoice, to create. Suppose that in a particular house, neighborhood, village, but this is beginning to change the world. You say that this makes no sense and will erase all the vandals or the utility? But facts are stubborn things. Here are dozens of graffiti, which for years no one erases, which are pleasing to the eye of citizens and visitors. And there is nothing easier than to get together to buy a couple of three cans of paint brush and the whole family to go paint for example a nearby substation or gray fence. But still it is best to align your creativity with the management company. Most often, they strongly support such initiatives. 6-year-old Milan Petrukhin saved money for a toy, but when he saw a sick dog, he decided to help him. Six-year-old resident of St. Petersburg Milan Petrukhin donated his savings for the treatment of a sick dog Seni. The dog was found in Gatchina with broken hind legs. The animal moved on all fours, leaning on front paws as back at it were paralyzed. The idea to donate money for animals came to the boy's mother. - I suggested him because I thought that it was the age when he can understand the actions. And I offered him the money to give to the shelter for food, - said the boy's mother Maria Petrova. When asked why he decided to give the money to the dog, Milan himself replied:"I just thought she might die, I just decided to help."The boy gave the dog about a thousand rubles. With this money he planned to buy a toy.