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Proof here: Regeneration of new teeth is a reality This article contains evidence of the regeneration of new teeth that have leaked to the media, as well as a General description of the techniques offered by various authors in order to restore the removed and diseased teeth. Here are a few short titles from the materials that testify to this phenomenon. "...Michael, yesterday I watched a report on TV about my grandmother, who at the age of 70 found that her teeth began to change for the third time in her life…» "...In the neighboring village wise woman rinsing the mouth with a solution of propolis and visualizing teaches people to build up the enamel on the affected teeth...". "...The doctors Drozhzhanovsky district hospital could not believe their eyes when their mentee Maria Efimovna Vasilyev opened his mouth wide. Wow - 104-the summer inhabitant of the village Chuvashskoe drozhzhanoe again steel... grow teeth!". "...94-year - old resident of Cheboksary Daria Andreeva started cutting new teeth. According to experts of the Chuvash Republican dental clinic, now the old woman has already cut one tooth". "...The inhabitant of settlement Sarangul the Iranian province of East Azerbaijan has grown new teeth to replace the fallen from old age". "...Unexpected happiness rolled Marie Andreevna Shapovalova living in the Centre of rehabilitation of pensioners in Sochi. In a hundred years she suddenly began to grow new teeth!". "...One of them is 128-year-old Iranian Bahram Ismaili. Of old age he lost his only three teeth, and in return, they grew. Bahram also does not eat meat. Besides, he never brushed his teeth in his life. A similar case occurred with the Indian peasant Baldev. He grew new teeth when he was 110. Baldev is a heavy smoker. He complains that long ago got used to hold a tube toothless mouth and now it is inconvenient to it to clamp teeth". Project Declaration on the advertised website "...12-year-old French girl Michelle was a little unlucky in life. The fact is that the girl suffers from a rare hereditary disease. Michelle grew shark teeth, which constantly break and grow again. She has far more than ordinary people, and they grow in several rows. Michelle recently pulled out of 28 teeth. And still she has 31 more than it should be." Quote from the article Natalia Aderal: Miracle the first: caries can and not be. A similar phenomenon was observed by Italian dentists who visited several monasteries in Tibet. Out of 150 surveyed the monks at 70% was not a single patient's tooth, and the rest of the cavities were very limited. The reason? Partly - in features nutrition. The traditional menu of Tibetan monks includes barley tortillas, Yak butter, Tibetan tea; in summer turnips, potatoes, carrots, some rice are added, sugar and meat are excluded. And if tooth decay has already damaged? Miracle two: caries can be reversed. An example of this is the cases of self-healing of caries observed by dentists, when the affected tissues become strong again, and the restored portion of the tooth acquires a darker shade. And such cases are not isolated. How it happens? Cells-builders detect damage and restore the integrity of the tooth in the same sequence in which it was originally created. Well, if the caries won,and nothing left of the tooth? Then prosthetics, of course. Miracle third: can grow new her teeth. It is called "the third change of teeth" and is observed in very old people. And although a person does not have the rudiments of the third generation of teeth, but there are remnants of "forever young" tissues, which suddenly, for unknown reasons, remember their purpose to become teeth and successfully realize their potential. Such reports in recent years are not uncommon: 110-year-old resident of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh grew two new teeth; new teeth began to be cut in 94-year-old resident of Cheboksary and 104-year-old woman from Tatarstan; as many as six teeth appeared in 85-year-old Novgorod... Of course, the sensations can be treated with skepticism. If... not the last discoveries of science. A scientifically based miracle. A group of scientists from the American research center of Texas, led by Dr. McDougall studied special cells that produce dental tissue (enamel and dentin). The genes responsible for this production are active only during the formation of the tooth, and then turn off. Scientists managed these genes again to " turn on "and grow a full tooth (while" in vitro", outside the body). However, it is not necessary to count on early changes in the practice of prosthetics. On the widespread technology of growing their own teeth will take at least 20 years...» __ Subscribe to kramola in social networks: VK OK FB The website # dentistry #teeth #medicine