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What is the real cost of 1 liter of gasoline in Russia? To date, the average cost of gasoline 45 rubles, and in Moscow and the Moscow region are already refueling with gasoline for 50 rubles. The increase in the price of gasoline and diesel is always an increase in the price of all goods and primarily food. But who among us wondered what the real cost of gasoline? Before you answer this question, let's remember the price of gasoline 20 years ago, which was at the gas stations in 98 year. The price of gasoline fluctuated at the level of 2-6 rubles and by 99 stabilized at the level of 7 rubles. As a result, gasoline prices have increased 10-fold over the past 20 years. It should be noted that gasoline was sold at 2 rubles per liter, and it was profitable, it was not unprofitable for mining companies. Since 98, the cost of a barrel of oil began to grow, so in 98 the price was 12 dollars per barrel, in 2000 - 28, in 2005 - 54, at the peak of Brent oil was sold at 135 dollars per barrel. Along with the growth of a barrel of oil, the price of gasoline grew. But in our time, the situation has become anecdotal when the cost of oil falls, but the rise in gasoline prices continues. Why? The first reason is the sale of gasoline within the country at market prices. Suppose the government sells domestically, gasoline is cheaper. There is a risk that cheap gasoline tons will be exported from the country. But for some reason in Venezuela, gasoline is sold at retail for less than one ruble, and no one takes it out. In all producing countries, the cost of gasoline in the country is much lower than in the world market. Here are examples in translation into rubles: in Saudi Arabia gasoline costs 14 rubles, in Iran living under sanctions 20 rubles. Let's say that the state still can not close the export of cheap gasoline at the border, but then you can make a trade deduction for the population. The Russian bought gasoline at the gas station, showed his passport and received a 90% discount, and all foreign citizens and those who buy gasoline tanks - can be sold at the same regular price. The second reason is the excessive taxation of the population and loving attitude to mining companies. So we, as the end user, pay 60% tax on the cost of gasoline. At the same time, the tax burden on oil companies is several times lower and does not exceed 30%, and on average is at 20%. Thus, Rosneft and Surgutneftegas give 30% of revenue to the Treasury, Tatneft 25%, Gazprom, Bashneft 20%, NOVATEK 15%, LUKOIL and NOC 10%. What's it? What 10%? For example, in the United Arab Emirates, the share of incoming money to the Treasury from revenue is 90%. and in the whole world, the share of the tax burden on oil companies is kept at 70-75%, but not as we have 10-30%. And so, for two decades, the price on the world market has increased 10 times, but this does not mean that the cost of oil production has increased by 10 orders of magnitude. No, on the contrary, oil companies only reduce production costs and expenses. So from the media you can hear that the cost of oil production in Russia is$ 20 per barrel. What do you think about this oil? Not so long ago, the head of Rosneft Igor Sechin estimated the cost of production at the company's fields at less than three dollars per barrel. Also, the retired Deputy Minister of energy Kirill Molodtsov said that the cost of oil production is on average about two dollars, for hard — to-recover reserves and offshore projects-20 dollars. It turns out, the cost of oil 2-3$, and the cost of oil production in$ 20 is only a single well. And these are not the words of a yellow newspaper, but the words of oilmen, Ministers, top managers of companies. It is also possible to accuse the media of cheating on the cost of oil refining, so we are told that only 20% of gasoline is produced from oil due to the low technological base and therefore the high cost of oil refining in Russia. And what does the Deputy Minister of energy Anton Inyutsyn think about this, quote:-"due to the low cost of oil production, three to eight dollars per barrel, and the growth of processing depth from 70 to 80% (and at a number of refineries – above 98%), our resource base remains one of the most competitive in the world." In other words, the data on the cost of oil refining are embellished 5 times. And so, let's calculate the real cost of Russian gasoline. According to oilmen, $ 2-3 is the cost of production of one barrel of oil, take a large amount of$3. The cost of the dollar at the moment almost 70 rubles. And that 1 barrel of oil goes to us 210 rubles. 1 barrel of oil is 159 litres, rubles divided by liters and get the cost of a liter of oil, 1 ruble 32 kopecks.