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This naive explanation makes at least some sense, unlike the scientific explanation of Einstein's theory. The Foundation of the special and General theory of relativity consists of only two postulates. "The universe is homogeneous"and" the speed of light is constant". But before moving on to the very postulates, let us turn to history. Einstein's Plagiarism The whole world knows that albert Einstein is a Nobel laureate and few doubt that he received this award for the creation of a special and General theory of relativity. French mathematicians and physicist Jules-Henri poincaré and Dutch physicist Hendrik Anton Lorenz worked together for several years to create a General theory of relativity, it poincaré put forward a postulate about the homogeneity of the universe and the postulate about the speed of light. But Lorenz gave the famous formula. A German physicist of Jewish origin, working at the patent office, had access to their scientific works and decided to name the new theory after himself. He even retained in his theories of relativity the name of Lorenz – the basic mathematical formulas in his theory are called the Lorentz transformation. But Einstein does not specify what relation he has to these formulas himself. And the name poincaré, who put forward the postulates, does not use at all. Plagiarism, or in other words, Einstein's theft and the scandal surrounding this theory prevented the Nobel Committee from giving him the prize. The solution was found very simple. Einstein was awarded the Nobel prize for the discovery of the second law of the photoelectric effect. Despite the fact that the photoelectric effect was discovered by Russian physicist Alexander G. Stoletov. Thus was created the image of the genius of all times and peoples. And now almost anyone is sure that the Nobel prize albert Einstein received for his great special and General theory of relativity. Well, now is the time to move on to the very postulates. What is wrong with these brilliant advanced ideas, which with the help of the Einstein trademark reveal the secrets of the universe to all mankind? The postulate of the speed of light The speed of light, which is the maximum speed of matter motion in the universe, is constant and is equal to three hundred thousand km / sec. Without this condition, the Lorentz transformations turn into nonsense, since at a speed of more than 300,000 km/second, according to these equations, even the mass of the photon becomes infinite. By the way, during the life of Einstein reported that the speed of light is not constant. Experimentally registering the so-called ethereal wind of light waves, the American physicist Dayton Miller in the 30s proved the failure of the Michelson-Morley experiments, which allegedly confirmed the constancy of the speed of light. Miller wrote letters to Einstein. In one of his letters, he reported on the results of his twenty-four-year work confirming the presence of the ether wind. However, this information was simply ignored. And after Miller's death, the greatest physicist of the time, his work was never published anywhere else. In 2000, Dr. Lujin Wang of Princeton research Institute conducted the following experiment. Light pulses were passed through a container specially treated with cerium gas. The speed of light pulses was 300 times greater than the permissible speed of the Lorentz transformations, that is, reached 90 000 000 km/sec. In the same year in Italy, another group of physicists in their experiments with microwaves received a speed of their propagation by 25% more, almost 400 000 km / sec, than the permissible speed by albert Einstein. It follows from the Lorentz transformations that if the speed of light or another material object, at least one millimeter per second, exceeds the speed of 300,000 km/s, the mass will become infinite. In other words, in the above experiments, the mass of photons and microwaves should be greater than the mass of any black hole. And despite this, throughout the world continue to study in schools and institutes with the universities of the theory of albert Einstein, as a reflection of objective reality. Well, now consider the second postulate, the Heterogeneity of the universe Astronomers and astrophysicists are aware of the fact that during a total solar Eclipse it is possible to observe objects that our Sun covers itself. Based on the positions of homogeneous space, this is simply impossible. Because electromagnetic waves in a homogeneous space should extend in a straight line. The explanation for this phenomenon was given as follows: a Massive space object, which is the sun, affects the rectilinear propagation of light waves, bending their trajectory, as a result of which we are able to observe what is behind it.