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Read more about the technology Duyunova: Why Russia is not developing an electric vehicle? Let's understand, only as an example we take not a fantastic quantum engine, but rather banal and already included in everyday life technology. We will analyze the electric transport. After all, electric scooters and scooters, 5 years ago, not particularly known to the General consumer, are now massively traveling through the streets of our cities. So, for the month of March 2018 in Russia there are about 1800 units of electric vehicles. At the same time, about 30,000 electric cars were registered in Canada with a population of 36.5 million people in February 2017, which is similar in climatic conditions. Well, in China, these 1800 units in General, the statistical error-the number of electric vehicles exceeded 2 million units. By the end of 2018, electric cars and hybrids in China will account for at least 8% of all cars, and by 2025 this threshold will be increased to 20%. There is a lobbying of interests of the main state Corporation of the Russian Federation. Well, it turns out, until we run out of gas and oil with the introduction of electric cars on state support can not count. By the way, very soon our channel will release a very interesting video about oil. We recommend that you set up notifications so that you don't miss them. Meanwhile, Western companies spend billions on the development and implementation of electric transport technologies. And in Russia and the countries of the former USSR there is absolutely no motivation for people to buy electric cars for personal use. For example, in the EU this motivation is stimulated by high taxes on internal combustion engines and reduction of transport taxes on electric cars. Electric vehicles are also allowed to freely use dedicated public transport lanes, Park and charge free of charge. An additional motivation is the tightening of environmental standards, as we know many countries have already announced their abandonment of the ice in the period from 2025 to 2035. What about us? Romanovskoe miracle Chubais scooter price, car, clear cut money , because at this price none of adequate people will buy this nano scooter. Unless to attach wings to it. And whether he did this scooter – the big question. "Kalashnikov" produces a limited series of electric Motorcycles allegedly Russian production, but in fact it is still the same China with the same motors with magnets, which are significantly inferior to the characteristics of the domestic development of Asynchronous motor wheels with winding type "Slavyanka". In General, with the initiatives of state corporations in our country in this area, frankly speaking, not much. Well, what about non-state companies? 22 September 2017 in Ulyanovsk the exhibition of city transport, Vladimir Putin introduced the electric car Alipanda (Zetta) , a chassis which is made using motor-wheel technology Slavyanka development Company Duyunova. The KAMAZ vehicles are equipped with Bosch 150A generators modified by Slavyanka Technology. The modification made it possible to ensure the smooth operation of generators in extreme conditions and at the same time increase their power. Electric bikes can already be bought. Several models have a motor winding type Slav produced in China under license. But again in China. Why can't we do that? The company Duyunova played even rezidentom SKOLKOVO. Grants of course the company did not receive duyunov, prizes medals and certificates is always welcome, and the grant was then the company developed something like women's viagra. It seems that viagra is more important for the country than energy saving technologies and development of electric transport. The company went to various venture funds to Finance the introduction of technology, but all have one solution, the money is given in exchange for a controlling stake in the Company. Foreign companies also offer to Fund 100% in exchange for a change of jurisdiction and control package. Such variants are not satisfied with the team, so did not find support among official authorities , the company Duyunova, it was decided to begin the investment attraction model, credinvest where anyone will be able to invest in the construction of the Engineering center in exchange for part of shares of the company. The developers managed, ahead of schedule, to open and equip the laboratory for pilot tests, and in 2018 will be the release of the first installation batch of motor wheels. To date, the project duyunov has more than 7,000 investors and 2,000 partners around the world, so everyone can join this Russian startup. All details on the link below this video. __ Subscribe to kramola in social networks: VK OK FB The website #technology #science #electric car