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In this video, you will learn how, with the help of high technology, the ruling class plans to create a precedent on a global scale... in order to finally unite all States into one, in order to shackle the will of mankind in the face of a global threat cleaner than the first and second world wars. Serge Monast's revealing report In 1994, independent canadian journalist Serge Monast published a report at the Quebec Free press Center, which he called the “blue Beam project”. According to the document, the American space Agency and the US government are at the origins of the project. The main goal is to influence people's consciousness through technology and cause any feeling from fear to awe.Serge Monast stated that he has indisputable evidence due to the recognition of several people who participated in this program. The end result of the blue BIM project is an organization of a giant planetary hoax that will mimic the holographic projections of the coming of Jesus, other divine and semi-divine characters, and use low-frequency waves to control the mind. In 1995, Monast published his most detailed work, the Toronto Protocols (6.6.6), modeled on the Protocols of the elders of Zion. In his work, he claimed that the Masonic group called "6.6.6" had accumulated enormous resources from all spheres of human life for twenty years in order to establish a new world order and control people's minds. In 1995 and 1996, Monast stated that he was being persecuted by the police and the authorities for his involvement in the "dissemination of prohibited information". The journalist allegedly died of a heart attack in his home in December 1996, at the age of fifty-one, the day after his arrest and overnight in prison. His followers believe that the death of the Monk was murder. THE ESSENCE OF THE PROJECT “BLUE BEAM” The first stage of the NASA project called “Blue Beam " concerns the re-evaluation of all archaeological knowledge. We are talking about the organization of artificial earthquakes with the help Of a program for the study of ionospheric scattering of high-frequency radio waves (or HAARP), which is located in Alaska. These seismic cataclysms should, according to the scenario, shed light on new artifacts. Their study will lead society to reassessment of all fundamental religious doctrines. The SECOND STAGE of the project includes the creation of a huge 3D show-holographic figures in the form of the phenomenon of "Messiah". He will combine the ideas of God from all the world's faiths and promote his own religion of the New world order. The phenomenon will be so real that everyone will hear the Messiah speaking to him in his native language. He will explain to everyone that numerous Scriptures have been misinterpreted that old religions have pushed people together, so they must be combined and transformed into a RELIGION of the NEW ERA, which Serge Monast called " New age religion» Before the appearance of the Messiah events on Earth will bring humanity to chaos, wars and catastrophes. Most likely, this will be achieved by creating large-scale realistic holograms in the form of an alien invasion. This will be a pretext for the outbreak of armed conflicts, and they will increasingly destabilize the situation. Hoping to end this torture, most of the inhabitants will accept the Messiah and his new religion as salvation. Humanity will agree to all the conditions of the writers of this global show, to chipping their bodies. THE TECHNICAL PART OF THE PROJECT “BLUE BEAM” A giant "space show" featuring three-dimensional optical holograms and stunning sound effects will be adapted for each region in accordance with its worldview. No culture will be excluded from the program. Three-dimensional images will be projected from satellites to the atmosphere about 96 and a half kilometers from the earth's surface, powerful computers will coordinate the synchronous operation of laser projectors. From time to time we see test works in the form of “flying saucers”, “floating pyramids” and some religious miracles, such as symbols of the crucifixion of Christ or the “hand of God”. People will see the fulfillment of prophecies from the Bible, the Koran and other ancient Scriptures. The projections of the demigod and divine characters (for each region - their own) will merge into a single whole after the CORRECT explanations of mysteries and revelations are revealed. The one God will appear to the people. To reveal the secret of this feature, it is necessary to study the research programs of the special services conducted over the past few decades. A significant role in the development of technology remote impact on the psyche of Serge Monast assigns Soviet scientists.