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Почему успешные люди работают стоя? Кто приучил нас сидеть. Хочешь быть здоров вставай за конторку

Why in the most progressive companies you work standing up? From early childhood, dreaming of having a diligent, obedient, do not interfere with the child, parents, without knowing it, instilling in him such bad habits that cripple his whole life. "Sit still", "don't fidget", "sit and keep quiet", "here are your pencils, sit draw", " sit here and keep your head down»… The popular belief that movement is life is completely ignored, as well as the psychophysiological laws of development of the child's body. Sitting position for a child is unnatural – it's like holding a bird in a cage. And for an adult to spend most of the day sitting: at the dining table, in transport, in the workplace, in the Park on a bench, on the couch in front of the TV – is also a killer pathology. Movement, erectness, erectness-is developed by a long evolutionary way "bodily vertical" of human existence. Interfering in such an indivisible way in the expediency of nature, we inevitably cause serious harm to our health and the health of future generations. Man is not made to sit on a chair When we sit at the table, it seems that we are very comfortable. Comfortable-with a curved back, with a palm on which rests the chin, bent over the keyboard head. Give it a thumbs up if you are sitting in now. But if you sit like this for two hours and then stand up, you will definitely feel numb hands, back and legs. Sit harmful, much more harmful, than lie or stand. All the time you've been sitting like this, the pressure on your spine has been twice as much as when you're standing and 8 times as much as when you're lying down. The meaning of sitting is to give the body a break from the movement and vertical position, which is the basic feature of the species structure of our body, given to us by nature. Man is created to be in motion all day: moving to work, moving at work, walking and feeding children, cooking food, etc.People who used to live and work in the countryside sat only for the purpose of short-term rest. But today, this figure has grown to an average of 13 hours a day, while sleep takes 8 hours and only 3 hours remains on the move (real numbers in big cities even less). Sit harmful and sitting all day on the "fifth point" you destroy your health. The human spine is not designed to spend a long time in a sitting position. In General, the fact that the human spine resembles the letter S serves us well. What do you think, with a heavy load on C and S, which of them will break faster? - C. However, while sitting, the natural for the spine S-shape turns into C, which almost blocks the muscles of the press and back that support the body. You slouch, and the oblique and lateral muscles weaken and become unable to support the body. When you stand, the load falls on the hips, knees, ankles. When you sit, the entire load is transferred to the pelvis and spine, increasing the pressure on the intervertebral discs. Magnetic resonance imaging shows that even a perfectly correct posture causes serious pressure on the back. Studies have shown that a sedentary lifestyle is a risk factor and the cause of many diseases: vision, heart, psyche, musculoskeletal system, immune system, urological diseases in boys and gynecological in girls. Those who for any reason sit more than 4 hours every day, more than others are prone to chronic diseases. They can develop cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and even cancer. And the risk of acquiring the disease increases with the number of hours spent on the chair. Mobility, which in 99% of cases accompanies a long sitting, causes stagnation of blood and fluids in the legs. Even more harmful to sit with your foot on the leg, it makes it even more difficult to blood flow. Women should be more attentive to this problem, because it causes, including obesity of thighs and cellulite, "fixed seat syndrome", or simply - thrombosis. Men, constantly sit especially harmful, increases the risk of prostate diseases. Due to prolonged sitting and lack of movement of blood in the veins stagnates and because of this there is a possibility of blood clots. Let's spread the word about this more correct way of working and learning. And let even more people will be able to do what they love without harm to health!