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Как Рокфеллер стал управляющим мира. Путь становления председателя мирового правительства

Clan Rockefeller not just turned his fortune into a tool of politics, and made it perfect. When they taught how to rule the world, it wasn't nice words, it was a business plan. And the disciples were in abundance – the DULLES Brothers, Brzezinski, Kennedy and all the presidents of the United States without account, heads of leading mass media, almost all the establishment of the XX century they have been on a short leash. Secret collusion and shadow governments, bilderbergs, the Council on international relations, the tripartite Union, the idea of globalization and a United Europe. They were behind all this. When you say the phrase "absolute evil," you mean death camps, gas chambers, crematoria, and millions of lives lost. It seems that Adolf Hitler should be placed in the chamber of weights and measures under the sign "perfect villain". But that's only if you don't know David Rockefeller. On the warm August morning of 1923, a seven-year-old boy David caught a large brown beetle in a meadow, an insect with terrible jaws tried to bite the boy, but the beetle did not know whose hands it fell into. David was not afraid, put it in a jar, brought home, waited until the beetle dies and pinned needle. He liked this process so much that later it became a passion of his life. It would seem, it is necessary to be touched, such love to the nature since the childhood. If Rockefeller in his diaries in detail described, how it with gasoline or acetone and how long he smothers insects for the collection. A passion to kill a living thing will remain with him for life, in all its thoughts and deeds. Favorite grandson, founder of the dynasty of John Rockefeller, David inherited from his grandfather Rockefeller not only a lot of billions of dollars, but also the family ideology of the exclusivity of the rich. "Money is divine proof of the highest kind of people, the race of masters should not allow ugly poor creatures to multiply, it is not they are born in poverty, it is poverty born with them," wrote John Rockefeller. There's that sweet old man tipping his servant. Of course, grandpa Rockefeller and the younger grandson has started to help a young German politician Adolf Shickelgruber which with its amendments, but this idea sverhnatsii began to realize. $ 11 billion for the creation of a better world, the best people in the world, Hitler issued by the Bank of the Rockefellers, J. P. Morgan. And from the United States sent their experts for eugenics. Defeat Hitler didn't bother the Rockefellers. Already in the 50s, David, along with scientists who escaped from Nazi Germany, turns the whole state of Puerto Rico into his laboratory. By 65, one in three women on the island had been sterilized. Sometimes peasants did not warn about it, giving sterilization for prevention of typical female diseases. But that it was not enough. Doctors of the Rockefeller Institute infected Puerto Ricans with cancer cells, and in the case of the death of the test subjects did not get upset. Here is an entry from Dr. Cornelius Routs's diary: "Puerto Ricans are without a doubt the dirtiest, laziest, most degenerate and thieving race of people who have ever inhabited this sphere. What this island needs is not health care, but a tidal wave, or something else, to completely exterminate this population. I made every effort to further the extermination process by killing eight." This scandalous passage was on the pages of "TIME" magazine. And, it would seem, now these inhuman experiments will end, but the opposite happened. Dr. Routs went on a promotion to the Pentagon to develop biological weapons, and Puerto Ricans continued to die. "Than they are better than bugs," David Rockefeller reasoned. "If you can't competitor to by – kill," bequeathed to the grandfather to the grandson, generously proplachivaya the revolution of 17-th year in the Russian Empire. David Rockefeller this principle is also well learned, and as soon as the opportunity arose, he began to regularly come to the Soviet Union, it was called true cultural cooperation, but all intimate conversations with the highest political leadership of the country had only one goal. And that's 10 years of meetings and conversations have borne fruit. 1972 the first visit of the us President to the USSR Nixon's meeting with Brezhnev, the signing of the agreement on the reduction of offensive weapons, on the limitation of missile DEFENSE systems, as well as scientific, cultural, technological exchange. Discharge-historians will call this period. But no, it's a business, said to them David Rockefeller.