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On our portal there was already a video about food human flesh, which is used by large corporations. Then many thought that this was not true, and all this is just rumors, nonsense crazy conspiracy theorists and anti-globalists. But if there are those who so vehemently criticized our material, judged us incompetent, then let's take a look at the bare facts of the use of HEK293 in the food industry, which will help you realize that all this is not fake, but true. For those who still do not know what it is, recall that "HEK 293" (Human Empyonic Kidney 293) — cell line derived from human embryonic kidneys. This line is derived from the kidney cells of an aborted child and is widely used in the biotechnology and pharmacology industries as a producer of therapeutic proteins and viruses for gene therapy, due to the simplicity of cell cultivation. This line of cells was obtained by Dr. Alex van der Ebom and Frank Graham in the early 70-ies of the last century in the Netherlands by introducing into the primary culture of kidney cells aborted human embryo DNA adenovirus type 5. Let me repeat in simple terms: the unborn child was extracted from the kidney cells which introduced adenovirus type 5, which gave an excellent result - the creation of HEK293, which is widely used by large food corporations in our time. This cell line is used by companies engaged in the development of flavoring and aromatic additives, substances that would make food "tastier" and the aroma more pleasant. By the way, one of these large companies "Sinomax", partnered with PepsiCo, Nestle and others. This cell line is also used in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. How many food products can we find in the store without aromatic additives, flavor enhancers and other chemicals? Whatever you take in hand - whether it's bread, cookies, juice, baby food, chocolate - everywhere there are listed additives. And now the answer to the critical comments: there are two versions of the consumption of HEK293 man, the first: the human embryo Was decomposed into components 40 years ago to create a NEK 293, and now, the resulting line is used only as a basis for the creation of taste proteins and taste simulators. Second - the makers and sellers HEK 293 using still material new aborted embryos that are carefully concealed. This means that people buying the products of corporations, cooperating for example with "Sinomax" consume in food or cosmetics, medicine material of these aborted babies. In fact, it does not matter which version is the truth, since you in any case consume the product created using the material of the aborted embryo. What does it matter if a human embryo is 40 years old or fresh? There are two investigations, the presence of which already suggests that the use of human in production is "not stupid scary stories", but reality. The data of the investigation You can learn yourself, by following the link. Investigation number 1 - It will tell us about the existence of the deliberate abortion of children for a certain benefit. Dr. Alvin Wong-senior consultant, Department of Hematology and Oncology, national University "cancer Institute of Singapore"), knowing that on the basis of HEK 293 conducted numerous studies, ranging from students to doctors of science, wondered - from which embryos extracted this free-selling drug-was it a miscarriage or planned abortion? In his investigation, he concludes that 40 years ago, HEK293 cells were derived from an embryo extracted by intentionally induced abortion. He writes that it is easier to administratively obtain cells from artificial abortions than from miscarriages, and from a scientific point of view it is better to use tissue from artificial abortions that are "healthier", because most lives of genetically healthy embryos are interrupted for social reasons. In continuation of the topic of the investigation of Alvin Wong, I note that the cell line HEK 293, derived from human embryonic kidneys, is available for sale both in Russia and in the West. Also, these cells are widely used in fetal therapy - treatment based on embryonic stem cells and tissues, as well as biologically active substances released by them. With the development of fetal therapy in Russia, the number of late abortions has increased dramatically. Read more: