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We all know a lot about the Sun. This is the closest star to us, it is larger than the earth in volume by almost one and a half million times. Thanks to the warmth and light of the Sun, life on our planet is possible… This video will focus on the synonym of the world, the without which we cannot exist. The sun is so important for each of us the first image that we will talk about as one of the most important aspects of our lives. Remember, not so long ago we made a video about the moon? Here is the reference on him - Almost immediately we came up with the idea to study the oddities that surround our main light. At first, it was slow, not so many facts. But when we dug deeper, we were shocked: the Sun in some cases behaves not only unconventionally, illogically, but sometimes its behavior breaks the whole layer of astronomical knowledge that we have received in school years. We decided not to frighten you from the very beginning, and divided the facts about the Sun into two parts: the first will be devoted to inconsistencies in the theoretical part, and the second - the real facts of the inexplicable behavior of the Sun in the sky. Inconsistencies in the theory of the Sun From a scientific point of view, there is nothing surprising in the Sun. It burns, shines, warms, flies in space, all things... The laws of physics, chemistry, astronomy work without complaints. However, if we take Newton's formula, which calculates the force of attraction of objects ... here, by the way, and it ... and substitute the mass of the Sun, moon, Earth, add the distance between the celestial bodies... you get a strange discrepancy… The force of attraction between the Sun and the Moon at the time of passage of the satellite between the Earth and the Sun is more than twice higher than between the Earth and the Moon. This means that the Moon must continue its path in orbit around the Sun, at least, this is what Newton's law says. The same situation is with other celestial bodies of the Solar system, which also does not work Newton's law. The idea is that heavy planets like Jupiter and Saturn should be farther away from the sun, and small and medium - sized planets like Uranus and Neptune should be closer to It. But we see a completely different picture. Another interesting fact, which can be treated differently. We decided to mention it. What will happen if we calculate the distance to the Sun using the trigonometric function, the tangent and the sine of the angle of incidence of the sun's rays on The earth's surface? Several researchers conducted such measurements, calculations and obtained approximately the same results. The distance to the Sun is from 6 to 10 thousand kilometers (attention: thousands of kilometers), and the diameter of the sun is approximately seventy-one hundred kilometers. In fact, the theoretical part about our sun has much more contradictions. And if we delve into them, it will greatly delay the movie.