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Кто заставил нас носить иностранную одежду. Почему мы забываем и не ценим родную культуру и традицию

How long have you seen people in our national costumes on the street? Have you ever seen it at all? From a certain moment we artificially created an incredible demand for foreign clothes, and for a lot of money. Who needed this? Really man, the people who survived the harshest of bloody wars, had a quite different system of values. Not really what this man was thinking about clothes, especially in the way that in our day? Who deliberately ridiculed our native culture by turning away our craving for it? Today, having met on the street a man who went out in a Russian national costume, he will collect a lot of smiles, smiles and get a video with his participation directly on YouTube, while in Arab countries, for example, such actions do not cause a smile, because they respect their traditions, which directly affects the fertility of their national family. You say-it's just clothes and nothing more. And do not you think that, wearing such foreign "only" clothes, and even with non-Russian inscriptions, flags, you glorify other States at Home, while your great and talented people have no less attractive, beautiful and high-quality clothing made of natural materials. Mass dressing of the Russian person in foreign, European clothes is one of tools of influence on integrity of the people. As well as a simple system of substitution of values with regards to gender. For example, arrived to us from outside the style of "unisex" removed the separation between a man and a woman. We voluntarily became similar to each other, like products from the conveyor. In addition, few people know that the Russian dress had protective properties, thanks to the symbols and embroidery in specially designated places. Perhaps to some it may seem superstition and nonsense, but somehow it helped us to survive, to win and multiply much better than it is now. Did You know that the eradication of the national dress is part of "rodogune"? For those who do not know the concept of this word is clear – this is a deliberate destruction of the native Russian system of life and traditions, faith, rituals, customs and clothing. As we can see with You today – the process rodogune was held in full. No, we are not old-fashioned, drawing your attention to the subject of what we are all dressed and what we should dress. It's just time to realize that modern clothing is not the evolution of the Russian man-it's his regression. Sexless foreign clothing has become the norm for us, as well as their songs, TV shows, movies. Please note-they also feed us, and dress, and entertain. It should be understood that someone else's is not so harmless to the nation and that clothing is directly related to the system of human values. It is difficult to unite the people in a single whole to build a good, fair life on his Land, while each of us is dressed "in itself" and even in the clothes of other States. This, of course, is not the main "brick" in this construction, but one of the most fundamental. Think, you saw somewhere that the army of any country wore a form of other country? No. Let's say that you agree with us and that it is worth wearing native, national clothes, but where to take it in our time overflowing shopping centers clothes of the same foreign brands? Studying this issue, we have found information for you on how to be if you want to wear native to the body of the national dress, but do not know where to find it.