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Как провалилась американская технология стелс. Почему советские разработки опять оказались в США

Today we will talk about Stealth technologies. Almost every stealth Aircraft is associated with advanced us military developments. Let's see how advanced they really are. And let's start with the second world war, with the legendary Horten Ho nine. The version of the invention of the invisible plane by Germany in 43 year for many looks intriguing. Secret technologies of the Third Reich, development, ahead of time, to alien technology at hand. However, despite its uniqueness, the high-speed bomber Horten Ho nine can hardly be considered a stealth. Selected Horsename aerodynamic configuration of the aircraft was not the result of a conscious desire to achieve low radar visibility — it was the result of their decade-long fascination with "flying wings". External similarity in-2 Spirit and No-229 often pushes supporters of the idea of "German stealth" to conduct even more interesting Parallels. Sometimes I write what Hartini allegedly covered the surface of its devices radar absorbing paint from a mixture of coal dust and varnish. Mental analogy with modern coatings In-2 is obvious, but only in the warring Germany such material was not. Developed already before the end of the war radio-absorbing material "sump" to cover the logging of submarines. But it was a thick layer of rubber with inclusions of iron particles. Covered with such heavy sheets of the plane just would not take off... However, the simplest explanation is that Hartini not designed "stealth", is that they are never required. It just wasn't necessary. If a plane with a speed of 800-1000 km / h, armed with four 30-millimeter guns and carrying a ton of bombs, flies to Britain, it can not be stopped. Just nothing, even if the radar operator can clearly see it on the screen. Even the brothers Hartini about the "stealth" of his brainchild began to talk much later. In any case, during the war, in the report on "flying wings" on April 14, 1943, they cite all the conceivable advantages of "flying wings", even "better protection against balloon obstacles due to the lack of protruding parts", but do not mention the reduction of radar visibility. It's time to talk about us stealth. In the 1970s, the Americans created the so-called" invisible plane "SR-71, built with the use of technology" stealth", touting it as his"outstanding technical achievement." However, later it became known that this was done using the discovery of the Soviet physicist Pyotr Ufimtsev. In 1966, an American radar specialist, who worked at the Lockheed plant, came across an article By p. Ufimtsev in a popular Soviet scientific and technical journal. The article said that the aircraft of a certain type, made of certain materials, in a certain way faceted and painted, almost invisible to radar. The article is very interested in American military experts, and the United States decided to build and test such an aircraft. As a result, in the early 1990s, the United States were made fighter-bomber F-117 and heavy strategic bomber B-2. By the way, Peter Ufimtsev himself participated in the creation of the latter. When in the 1980s work on the Soviet "stealth" on the Ufa ideas in Russia were discontinued, the offended designer emigrated to the United States... However, there is a version that this technology was actually planted to the Americans intentionally, because in the USSR it was tested and decided to abandon it. At least two Soviet design bureaus were built and tested stealth aircraft of different types. Authoritative commissions came to conclusions not in favor of "invisible" technologies. First, the invisible plane, made according to the ideas of Ufimtsev, because of its shape has low speed and maneuverability, it is poorly adapted to combat maneuver. Secondly, the aircraft can be detected visually and special high-frequency radars. In addition, when opening the bomb bays and in some flight regimes it is seen on conventional radar, and after the "tick" can easily be shot down. This guessed back in 1999, Serbian air defense experts, when the Yugoslav MiG-29 Soviet production shot down the American F-117A in the sky over Belgrade. Today, defense experts note that even an expensive f-35 stealth aircraft is not a "secret" for Chinese and Russian radars.