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Даже врачи призывают ОТКАЗАТЬСЯ ОТ ВАКЦИН. Прививки УБИВАЮТ МОЗГ. Ужасающие научные исследования

Text: Alena Namleeva Three articles about how to Polysorbate 80 in the literal sense breaks the brain: 1. 2. 3. Three articles on how aluminum breaks the brain: 1. (the to the brain, the higher the concentration of aluminum in patients with Alzheimer's disease) 2. (of mice was injected with the same dose, they destroy the brain) 3. (aluminum enters the brain of mouse embryos in the womb, and then through breast milk) Video report by Larry Palevsky: Well, in General, go to the site, there are thousands of links to scientific English-language articles in reputable medical sources: Vaccines: what do we do with our children's brains? Russian translation of a sensational video lecture on the penetration of vaccine pathogens through the blood-brain barrier. Speaker: Dr. Larry Palevsky. The author analyzed many scientific studies and concluded that many of these childhood diseases and developmental disorders can be caused by various pathogens entering the brain (including viruses, bacteria, and toxic substances). And how can they get into the brain? After all, normally the brain is protected from penetration of all these pathogens by the so-called blood-brain barrier. This barrier in addition to pathogens does not allow even drugs to penetrate the brain, which makes it difficult to use them for various brain diseases. But pharmaceutical companies have come up with technologies that allow you to open the blood-brain barrier, which makes it possible to deliver the necessary drugs to the brain. It would seem-everything is fine! But, it turns out, all these technologies are used where they should not be used in principle, namely – in vaccines! It is known that vaccines, by definition, contain in their composition a variety of pathogens. In addition to viruses and bacteria, it is also a variety of toxic additives – just read the annotation to any vaccine. Between supporters and opponents of vaccination are disputes on how dangerous or safe all these components for the human body, and especially the child. Each of the parties argues in favour of its own point of view, and all these arguments can sound quite convincing and be supported by "scientific evidence". But be that as it may, at least one fact no one will argue – neither supporters nor even more opponents of vaccination. That all of these vaccine pathogens have no place in the brain! Dr. Larry Palevsky in his lecture cites convincing evidence that the same technologies that are used in the pharmaceutical industry to deliver drugs through the blood-brain barrier to the brain are also used in vaccines. From this it can be concluded that all pathogens contained in vaccines should enter the brain, bypassing the blood-brain barrier, causing various disorders. Although this presentation took place within the framework of the international Symposium "the Truth about cancer", it does not directly concern the topic of cancer. The lecture deals with disorders of neurological development of children and chronic diseases (such as autism, seizures, speech retardation, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, learning difficulties, etc.) and their connection with vaccines.