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Клан Баруха - старейшая семья которой служат Ротшильды и Рокфеллеры. Настоящие хозяева всегда в тени

Seditious telegram channel Materials Recently, our channel released a video about Rockefeller. And despite the fact that it has already gained several million views, many rightly wondered - is standing in full view of Rockefeller and is the main villain of the planet? Let's understand. A few years ago it became known about the creation of a single international trust between the Rothschilds and Rockefellers. Many analysts were puzzled by this fact. After all, the entire twentieth century was marked by the struggle of these two families. The official version is that the two clans unite to survive in the waves of the global economic crisis. But what really happened? The first oddity of the new Alliance that supercilii combined total of $ 40 billion. Such sums may seem decent to bill gates or Warren Buffett, but not to the world's leading financial clans. Today, the combined state of the Rothschilds, according to rough estimates, rolls over for $ 4 trillion. The Rockefellers, the aggregate capital is calculated in the same manner, only less a trillion. It turns out that the unification of capital is not an application for survival, but a clear claim to domination in the post-crisis world, the tip of the iceberg in the struggle of some closed elites with others. But if the Alliance of Rothschilds and Rockefellers gathered with someone to fight, then they are not the first in the world of global financial backstage. Meyer Rothschild, founder of the dynasty, was born in Germany in 1744, and the American John Rockefeller senior almost 100 years later. Clan of Rotshildov by the way, we will do a video soon, so subscribe to notifications to not miss. And subscribe to the seditious telegram channel, too, will be useful. So, if this is a relatively young family in historical perspective, then who ruled the planet when the Rothschild Rockefellers went under the table on foot? Can be family, members of which founded your standard chartered Bank in 1613? The real power-secret power and, as you know, a lot of money like silence, but because the baruchs always try to stay in the shadows. Unless, when life demanded it, Bernard Baruch broke the rule, becoming an economic adviser to as many as seven us presidents. Here is his brief history: In 1881, the Baruch family moved to new York and the young man Bernard goes to city College, graduating from which, works as a broker on the new York stock exchange, and in 1903 established his own brokerage company. Contrary to the fashion of the time for enterprises to trust companies, Bernard Baruch leads a pretty successful brokerage business supposedly alone, although, of course, rise provides support for the oldest clan, but to the public Bernard gets the nickname "the Lone wolf of wall street" and for thirty three years became a millionaire while managing to increase their capital in response to the persistent crises in the United States. Since 1912, Baruch has been playing the political card, funding Woodrow Wilson's campaign. In gratitude for the support Wilson introduces him to the Department of national defense. During the first world war, Baruch became the head of the Military-industrial Committee of the United States and spins the flywheel of arms build-up, which allows for some time to overcome a series of crises in the country's economy. That is Baruch, as the President's Advisor, persuaded Wilson to support the idea of the creation of the Federal reserve, since 1913, the US government delegates authority for the production of dollar bills to the commercial structure of the Federal reserve system. After the revolution in Russia, Baruch suddenly becomes a supporter of cooperation with the Soviet Union. Together with hammer and Harriman Lenin invites him to the restoration of the national economy of the Soviet Union. One of the first factories built by the Americans in Russia in the years 1920-1930, were tractor factories in Volgograd, Kharkov, and Chelyabinsk. Of course, these plants had a dual purpose: in addition to tractors, tanks, armored vehicles and other weapons were produced here. Cars necessary for army made at two main plants – Gorky and to them. Likhachev, which was built on a subsidy from Henry Ford in the 1930s. American companies have also built two huge steel plants-in Magnitogorsk and Kuznetsk. Anticipating the development of the situation in the world, Baruch with the American and British bankers in solidarity with him in the late 20s conducts a creative maneuver. He is seeking a reorientation of the American economy to service the military-industrial complex through its artificial collapse and immersion in a crisis state.