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10 ФАКТОВ навсегда изменят твоё мнение об Англии. НЕПРИЯТНАЯ правда о Великобритании и королеве

Materials What do we know about the UK? It is the English language which has become international; the British flag, big Ben, Thames river, stiffness, Sherlock and Holmes 'porridge, sir'. And a nice old lady in the crown of Elizabeth II with her princes and duchesses magnificent ceremonies. Great Britain is pleasant and friendly only at first sight. However, if you dig deeper, it turns out that behind the beautiful mask hides a cruel and inhuman essence. So be prepared for the fact that after watching this video you will radically reconsider your idea of the UK. Here are at least 10 unexpected facts that will break stereotypes about this small European country. The fact that the first. Concentration camp Someone now thought about Hitler, but he also learned from someone... During the Boer war of 1899-1902, the British government established concentration camps in its colonies. Officially, this was done in order to"ensure the safety of the civilian population of the Bur republics". In just one year – from January 1901 to January 1902, in the concentration camps from starvation and disease killed about 17 thousand people: 2484 14284 adults and a child. For example, in the Mafeking camp in the autumn of 1901 about 500 people were killed, and in the camp in Johannesburg almost 70% of children under the age of eight died. The fact of the second. The birthplace of Nazism Thomas Carlyle is the de facto ancestor of fascism. Houston Chamberlain is an English-German writer, sociologist and racial theorist. James hunt, who made a report in 1863, in which he gave the Negroes the "title" of an intermediate species between a monkey and a man. Francis Galton-the founder of eugenics - "science" of human selection for the cultivation of the ideal race. Carl Pearson is the founder of biometrics, a racist movement of social Darwinism. The figures given Here are all one hundred percent British gentlemen. Fuhrer was something to praise the British – in fact, all the basic ideas for it they have prepared. However, Britain is not the only theory released, but she is well enforced them. Here's a fact for example. In the 19th century in India was known penalty called "Devil's wind". Its Essence lies in the fact that the doomed tied to the muzzle of the gun, and then shoot out of it. However, this is hardly the only story of torture and executions of people who were involved in the elite of the British Empire. Fact three. The world leader of the genocide You have, of course, heard about the almost complete extermination of the indigenous Indian peoples inhabiting the territory of the current United States. Not be questioned and also information according to which the vast majority of those who engaged in the genocide of the Indian in America, were natives of Britain, or the immediate descendants of such. Most clearly the essence of the British "gentlemen" emerged during the colonisation of Australia, when they were killed according to various estimates, up to 90-95% of all aboriginal people. On the island of Tasmania, the indigenous population was completely destroyed-to the last man. Australian aborigines deliberately harassed overseas diseases-especially smallpox, pneumonia, tuberculosis and sexually transmitted diseases. Australian and Tasmanian aborigines were raided, poisoned, driven into the desert, where they died of hunger and thirst. White settlers gave the natives poisoned food, hunted the natives as wild animals, not counting their people. The Fourth Fact. The British hanged the children and gave them into sex slavery In London, the 16th century was called the "city of the gallows" - during the reign of Henry 8 there was executed only for vagrancy 72 thousand people. "Bloody code", as they call the criminal legislation of great Britain in the early nineteenth century, was extremely cruel and provided for the death penalty for 220-230 different crimes, among which, for example, were: theft of turnips, harming fish in ponds, stay in the forest disguised or with weapons. Among those executed were children. It belongs to the UK one of the most disgusting "world records". Known case: in 1708 in England hanged seven-year-old Michael Hammond and his sister eleven years for stealing a loaf of bread. Public executions were abolished in Britain only in 1868, and at the age of 16 the minimum age at which a person can be executed was only in 1908.... It was only in 1967 that Britain stopped sending thousands of children to Australia, where the new life turned into work in the fields, overwork, physical, psychological and sexual violence. More information about this can be found on our website in the article "sex slavery in children "Prim" Britain“