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Какие методики и техники развития мозга использовали правители мира?

First, let us examine the mechanism of memory impairment and brain abilities from the point of view of physiology. Why do our cognitive abilities deteriorate with age? Well, then we'll see what outstanding people did with it and what can be available to everyone, regardless of genius and talent. The brain, throughout life, develops at different speeds. More than 90% of the growth falls on the period up to twelve years. From twelve to twenty-five there is an active cleaning from unnecessary neural connections. During this period, the brain also changes a lot, but after 25 years, he gradually goes to the plateau: the dynamics of changes falls markedly. A major role in this is played by Dopamine-a hormone-neurotransmitter. It is produced, including as a reward for receiving new information. It helps the brain to work faster and causes a feeling of joy and happiness. The reward for the new information we receive is for a simple reason: the more the animal knows about the world, the more likely it is to survive. However, the active development of the brain and maintaining its size-huge energy costs for the body. Therefore, this process lasts for a limited time: up to twenty-five years. Then the dynamics of changes in the brain slows down rapidly. What to do? To begin with, we note what can not be done: it is necessary to avoid situations where dopamine is produced artificially, and not as a result of obtaining new information. For example, avoid: drugs, various entertainment shows and programs, and other fast food for the brain. After all, it is important not only the amount of information, but also its quality. And if you continue to upload new high - quality information to the brain, then for the brain this is a dynamic change in the environment, which means that it needs to continue to adapt to it, to change. And to run these processes after 25, you need: - to see the best that has happened to you in the past, to understand what skills you have; - understand how these skills can be developed to achieve more; - set new conscious goals (most likely, you will want to benefit society, as it is inherent in evolution); - start consuming more useful information, developing your professional skills, and helping to achieve success in life: It sounds beautiful, but how to do it? In order to understand this, let's see how successful and creative people coped with these tasks? Let's take a few historical examples. It is known that Alexander the great knew the name of all the soldiers of his army. And the great philosopher Socrates remembered the names of all the people living in Athens who inhabited about 30 thousand people. The same outstanding skills are credited to Themistocles and Caesar. And this suggests that the already used methods and techniques of memorizing information. Someone knows that Nikola Tesla had a "photographic memory" and rarely used the need to record anything. It is said that in 1885, when his laboratory burned down, he was able to reconstruct many of his inventions from memory. Throughout his life, Tesla developed his skills and memorization and processing of a huge amount of information.