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10 ЛЮДЕЙ которые пошли ПРОТИВ СИСТЕМЫ. Что делать когда всё плохо а вокруг жулики воры и масоны

Order harp here Win the gusli. Played 6 musical instruments The national manufactory of the World. Link to our previous video on the topic Each of us, living in a modern system understands that our world is sorely lacking something truly bright and good. Every day a lot of negative information falls on us and we may get the impression that everything is bad, everything is gone. Put your finger up if when you thought that we are only pawns in this world, little depends on us and we have little to change. Now we will show you that this is only partly true. There was a video on our channel earlier about how each of us can make this World a better place right now. It was based on the example of good and truly human actions of different people. By popular demand, we decided to shoot the second part and continue to inspire you to do business with the plus sign. Next will be a story of 10 stories about people who just took and did something good, without the help of the government, without complaining about the plight and without unnecessary reasoning. Story 1. "Farmers school for orphans". Father and teacher Vyacheslav Gorelov, created a "school of farmers" for orphans, knowing that today in Russia there are about 950 thousand orphans and that every year in our country there are about 100-130 thousand such children. His project is aimed not only at training in agriculture, but also on entrepreneurship. The essence of his work — is to help orphans find their home, work, recognition among the same as they are engaged in a common cause. Vyacheslav at the time of creation of this project was engaged in tourist business and having 6 tourist houses near the river, he decided to connect pupils of orphanages to this business, namely to be engaged in houses, to develop. And already in 18 years to leave not with empty pockets from orphanage, and to try in business. Vyacheslav also tried to help children develop in agriculture and animal husbandry. Just think how right this man was, creating conditions for the rehabilitation of orphans to everyday life. After graduating in 18 years is sent from the orphanage to hang out at high schools. Few people support them - no matter how adult life, turn yourself as you want. Vyacheslav realized and felt someone else's trouble, accepted as the and helped. Definitely something to think about. Story 2. "The harp!". In the village of Pushkino, Tver region simple guy Sergey Gorchakov created from scratch the largest gusli workshop in the world. Developing the technology of fabrication of the harp, he set out to revive the tradition of gusli in Russia. After all, few people know that the psaltery is very easy to learn and more useful for human health. Harp from the village of Pushkino began to buy worldwide. Sergei surrounded himself with a team of village guys who were taught this strange craft. Interest in the harp grew with each passing year, things went uphill. But one dark January night in 2018, his Studio was burned. And everything that Sergey created from scratch, burned down, together with the equipment and tools. But thanks for the support of the people and adherents, he was able by may to restore production and to spread the good traditional Russian instrument in the world. You can participate in the revival of the native Russian tradition, starting with yourself and your family. Order yourself and your child a wonderful folk instrument "Gusli". All information in the description under the video. This will support the wonderful initiative of Sergei and his colleagues, and will be able to instill in your children a love for their native culture. __ Subscribe to kramola in social networks: VK OK Telegram Instagram The website #Society #people #future