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Яков Шифф правая рука Ротшильдов и спонсор переворота 1917. Раскрываем планы мирового правительства

We have already told you about the nominees for the "Backstage against humanity"award. Among them were such personalities as Rockefeller, Baruch and Rothschild. And here is that it is significant: on the last video Pro Rothschild YouTube imposed sanctions. View it is still possible, but you can not leave comments and they are forbidden to share, it does not participate in the rankings. Friends, now it all depends on you: if you want to continue this cycle, be sure to put like and share this video, we, of course, have backups, for example, in our group Vkontakte, but the fate of this series for the most part in your hands. If you want to see the upcoming issues about the Windsor And the black aristocracy of Europe, about secret religious societies, about the power groups of different States, including our country - turn on, we have a lot of insider information. And now back to the topic of today's issue. Surely, you have already realized that the list of nominees is not limited to these people and it can be continued indefinitely. Someone has changed the course of our history for the worse, and someone has done such grandiose things that the responses of his actions are felt in our days, centuries later. Today we will tell you about one of these characters whose actions change our reality so far. About him they said: "nothing Jewish is alien to his heart." The American Jewish encyclopedia "Judaica" gives the following biographical information about Jacob Schiff: "Jacob Genericif American financier and philanthropist. Born in Germany, was descended from a prominent rabbinical family. The founder of this genus Schiff Meyer Ben Jacob Ha-Cohen - a major Talmudist and rabbinic author. Jacob Schiff received a secular and religious education at a local school, following his father Moses, who was a companion at the Rothschild Bank. At the age of 18, Schiff emigrated to the United States, where he joined a brokerage firm in new York and became a partner of Buge, Schiff and K°. In 1875, he married the daughter of Solomon Loeb, who was the head of the banking firm "kun, Loeb and K°", and entered the firm. And, as in the joke, here is his map. This Bank was founded in 1867 by Abram Kuhn and Solomon Loeb. After the wedding, the Bank, in which the fixed capital belonged to his wife's father, Schiff turned into one of the largest in America, and then bought the share of Abram kun. It is noteworthy that the funds for this transaction gave the Rothschilds. It is also no less interesting that in 1894 the senior partner of kun, Loeb and K° Felix Warburg married the daughter of Schiff-Frida. In turn, their daughter in 1916 married Walter Nathan Rothschild. Perhaps it is pure coincidence, just a coincidence that all these characters are closely linked by kinship ties. But back to the Schiff, which is not limited to banking activities, and invested in the industry. It was metallurgy, electric, Telegraph, and later telephone companies. Investments in the development of Railways brought a good profit. As one of the leaders of the Jewish community in the United States, Schiff funded the creation of the Jewish theological Seminary, Jewish departments in public libraries in the United States. He was also Vice President of the U.S. chamber of Commerce, served on the new York city Council for education, and held many honorary positions. In the biography of our nominee there are many examples of support of the God-chosen people and all would be nothing if it so didn't do much harm to the world around, and in particular to us. Let's look at the three main goals that Jacob Schiff achieved and that ultimately changed the course of our future. To support any enemy of tsarist Russia Jacob Schiff provided large loans to the American government, as well as to foreign governments. The largest of these, $ 200 million, was a loan to Japan during the Russo-Japanese war. Schiff believed that the tsarist regime in Russia is anti-Semitic policy. Let us dwell on this issue in more detail. __ Subscribe to kramola in social networks: VK OK Telegram Instagram The website # Shiff #conspiracy #power