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Самый влиятельный клан в мире. Кто они? Конечно... РОТШИЛЬДЫ

Rothschild-how did this clan become one of the most influential in the world? After all, this name has become a household name along with the second known family. We say Rockefeller, mean Rothschild, say Rothschild, mean Rockefeller... Once Mayer Amschel wrote his son Nathan: "No to millionaire can destroy themselves and others because the whole world is dishonest or not very honest. If people see that you have a mess in business, they will do business with you with one intention – to deceive you." The main thing in this message, of course, not a trivial thought about the fact that accounting should be exemplary. On the main Meyer in the letter doesn't focus: he and so many years brought in the sons of the belief nehoroshesti of mankind. Following this view, the dynasty created a financial Empire, the boundaries of which no one knows today. Conspiracy theorists believe that the Rothschilds own half the world. And all the necessary stones in the Foundation of today's power of the family were laid then, more than 200 years ago. The Rothschild coat of arms shows a hand clutching five arrows. Arrows are sons of the founder of the Empire of Mayer Amschel: Amschel, Salomon, Nathan, Carl and James. Without their unanimous support for their father's decisions, it is unlikely that the Rothschilds would have been able to get out of the ghetto. Rothschilds-underground Empire of moneylenders House in the Frankfurt ghetto, where the Rothschild family lived Tread the path to trust Meyer Amschel Rothschild was born in a poor family in the dirty ghetto of Frankfurt, sandwiched between the city wall and the moat. Life of Jews there was heavy: they were forbidden to be engaged in the majority of professions, to leave a ghetto at night, on Sundays and on holidays, they paid numerous taxes... The brothers of Mayer amshel sold second-hand things, and he began to buy old coins and medals. Collecting antiquities was in Vogue among the German nobility, and the goods could be for a modest merchant pass to the princely palaces. Moritz Oppenheim. "The elector of Hesse-Kassel trusts his treasures to Mayer Amschel Rothschild." Oil on canvas. XIX century Fond of numismatics and Wilhelm, count of Hanau and the heir to Landgrave Hesse-Kassel, bordering on the Imperial city of Frankfurt. Hessian house was considered the richest in Europe. One of the friends of art collectors and presented the box of the young antiquary Rothschild. Wilhelm knew how to count money, so he immediately liked the competence and reasonable prices of the seller. However, he was not going to stop selling Antiques. At the court of the German princes traditionally engaged in financial transactions Jewish bankers. Mayer Amschel, having mastered the banking business in the ghetto, offered to Wilhelm as an intermediary. Since 1789, he received the first orders of this kind, insignificant in comparison with the huge sums that Wilhelm, who became a Landgrave, trusted more experienced competitors. To avoid, required patronage at court, and Rothschild was surrounded by special attention of Karl Friedrich Buderus. The instinct did not disappoint Meyer amshel – Buderus, who began as a governer of the bastards of Wilhelm, gradually became the closest confidant of the Landgrave, and he gave him the management of the most expensive – the Military Treasury (renting troops to other States was the main source of income of the Hessian house). The court willingly accepted from Rothschild offerings and favorable offers in exchange for protection. On the advice of Buderus Wilhelm began to trust the Rothschilds more and more financial transactions. In 1803, Mayer Amschel, to the amazement and resentment of rivals, was appointed court agent. To let any money into circulation By the beginning of the XIX century the Rothschilds were considered a wealthy family in the ghetto. They could have remained one of the many small-town rich, but time to use the external threat: Emperor Napoleon I began to conquer Europe. In 1806, Wilhelm fled the French occupation beyond his domain. Mayer Amschel remained his agent, but on the continent it was dangerous and not always profitable. And Rothschild thought of England, where Nathan, his third son, had lived for several years. That would make Rothschild Jr. has ordered the attachment of the elector of the reach of Napoleon London… Related material __ Subscribe to kramola in social networks: VK OK Telegram Instagram The website # Rothschild #Plot #Power