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ФИЗИКИ не знают, что такое ЭЛЕКТРИЧЕСКИЙ ТОК. 7 крамольных фактов об ЭЛЕКТРИЧЕСТВЕ

Materials A link to a video of Andrew Tīrtha Let us understand what we know about the most important physical phenomenon of our civilization. Most of us are not particularly interested in some theoretical foundations, because at school we all clearly explained about electricity. We consume and experience its unexpected shutdowns, because it now holds almost everything-heat, lighting, water supply, and technological progress in General is still based on it. Let's play a game of believe-disbelief. We will provide information, and you have to think about what it is — the truth or deception. After that, of course, we will give a reasonable answer. But before that, it will be useful to look at an unusual quote and think about who could say this: "Clearly define what electricity is currently should not be. And if we draw a conclusion, today we can not give a clear definition of the concept of electricity." It seems these are the words of a man from the crowd who has no idea about the mechanism of action of electricity. But no, actually this word is not an ordinary person, but the words of the doctor of technical Sciences, Professor, Department "Electrical engineering", academician of the Academy of Electrotechnical Sciences of the Russian Federation, honored worker of science of RF Moscow power engineering Institute Igor Petrovich Kopylov. But if such utters a person who knows and understands electrical engineering all his life, then maybe not everything is so smooth in the theory of electricity? The concept of "electric current" in Wikipedia is defined as follows: "Electric current is a directed (ordered) motion of charged particles. Such particles may be: in metals – electrons, in electrolytes-ions (cations and anions), in gases-ions and electrons, in vacuum under certain conditions – electrons, in semiconductors-electrons and holes…» Yes, the holes that can move in a directed way, this is, of course, the aerobatics of scientific thought. But it is time to play in which you need to answer a few questions. The first question. Could a semi-literate person book printer with 2 classes of primary education, later becoming the founder of the circle of artisans and traders, to formulate the now generally accepted designation of electrically charged States "+" and "-". Could such an individual to establish the identity of atmospheric and obtained with the aid of frictional electricity, and even to find proof of the electric nature of lightning? It's true. The above man Benjamin Franklin, who, by the way, and the Constitution had time to write. Just compare this information, realize how incredible it is for a person who has nothing to do with research and science to make such important discoveries. The second question. Is it possible to measure the magnitude of the charges and their position on the surface of the conductor, not having the necessary instruments to measure, but having at hand scales? No, of course, you say — it's technically not possible. But this information is recognized as official science for the truth. We are talking about Charles Auguste de Coulomb's Law. The paradox is that this law could not be formulated at the specified time due to the lack of then certain devices for its study and establishment. It's like measuring your phone's camera megapixels with a wooden ruler. Question three. Is it possible to get electricity from the air. I can't believe it, but this... truth. Let us recall Nikola Tesla, who quite calmly received his energy from the atmosphere, he knew that with each meter up relative to the earth, the voltage existing, due to the presence of the Earth's "electric field", increases by 100-200 volts. This has long been known and even there are tables that show the fluctuations in the parameters of the electric field of the Earth, depending on the time. Tesla built a special tower with a height of several tens of meters, in the upper part of which he equipped the room for his laboratory. Since each meter above the ground voltage increases by 100-200 volts, at a height of the tower, for example, 30 meters, he received in the laboratory voltage from 3000 to 6000 volts DC without any generators. Further with this energy it was already possible to do anything. Of course, it is quite difficult to work with high-voltage direct current. Suitable for this element base appeared only in the middle of the twentieth century. The first DC power line with a voltage of 100 kV was put into operation by the Germans only in 1944 during the war, and many important problems in this field of technology have not been solved yet. __ Subscribe to kramola in social networks: VK OK Telegram Instagram The website #science #electricity #physics