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Хочешь ВЫЙТИ ИЗ СИСТЕМЫ ? 12 простых ШАГОВ чтобы выйти из МАТРИЦЫ изменить МИР и улучшить СВОЮ ЖИЗНЬ

Subscription Secret telegram channel Seditious instagram Some of you have written in the comments that a lot of negativity in recent years on our channel. Because a lot of information about secret conspiracies with their Rothschilds, Rockefellers, about food human beings, about harmful vaccines, etc.they Say everything is bad in the World. According to your numerous requests, we are launching a series of videos that will tell you how to become less dependent on this negative matrix and even get out of it. We are interested in your living consciously and in harmony with yourself. Therefore, every time we try to find really useful and interesting information for you. There are certain circumstances that prevent a person from living consciously, and it is she who is the key to life outside the matrix. Each of us somehow understands that our World is already filled to the limit with crime, passions, vulgarity, pain. But we also all understand that this can no longer continue and the time has come when we need to do something on our own in order to turn the situation into a prosperous course. What to do and what to do if there is a desire for change, and there is no understanding of what needs to be done? Today we will help you with a small list to tune in to a more harmonious, intelligent and free life. To your attention the top 12 steps out of the matrix. Step 1. Antidote. It's no secret that poisons exist in our world. Which, often, we poison ourselves due to lack of awareness. The human body and its consciousness work synchronously: poisoned the body - dulled consciousness. Therefore, it is necessary to stop drinking alcohol and energy, Smoking, eating fast food, limit carbohydrates, exclude sugar, do not chew gum. It is also advisable to go to toothpaste because of the fluoride in the toothpaste is very harmful. By the way, earlier on our channel we talked about this (Nikita, maybe there will throw a link and then still advertise an earlier movie). Step 2. "Clearing the information field". By information field we mean information coming to our brain from outside. This is comparable to what kind of fuel to fill the car. If good, then go, but if bad, it will break the engine. Therefore, one of the important steps to get out of the matrix is to stop watching TV, listening to stupid radio with its endless advertising and strange music. If we explain this step in Kratz, food for the mind must be carefully filtered. Step 3. "To realize-there are no diseases". First, it is necessary to carry out anti-parasitic cleaning. After all, parasites, in fact, also have a certain influence on us, namely the suppression of human awareness, which contributes to its involvement in the matrix. Next is to throw away the excesses of drugs, leaving only iodine and Zelenka. And the most important thing is to stop believing in diseases, because they do not exist. Pay attention to how much advertising on TV about medicines for a wide variety of diseases because it is a passive impact on our consciousness, whether we want it or not, we begin to perceive the disease as real while the disease is only a sensor that you need to change the way of life and no more. Read more - __ Subscribe to kramola in social networks: VK OK Telegram Instagram The website #system #matrix #output