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Кто УБИЛ ЭЛЕКТРОМОБИЛЬ ? Почему мешают развитию электрокаров и контролируют все изобретения в мире

Read more about the technology Duyunova: Link to the movie: We fulfill the promise we made in one of the previous videos. Now we will show you the example of an electric car killed 20 years ago, how the control of inventions works, and how influential people change the technological chronicle of the planet. In the early 90s, the state of California, one of the most" polluted " regions of the United States, literally choking in the automotive smog, adopted a special law, the Zero Emission Act (zero emmishn act). This law in the most categorical, but at the same time quite realistic form demanded that all companies of the automotive industry every year sold a certain number of cars "with zero exhaust". The General Motors company reacted one of the first and since 1996 began serial release of the sports model Ivy One (EV1) with purely electric drive. The power of the car was 138 horsepower, it accelerated to 100 km/h in just 10 seconds, while the maximum speed was artificially limited at 130 km / h. Power Windows, air conditioning, power steering, audio system, ABC, cruise control. Yes, a special charger that allows you to charge the car, both through a special column, and from the household power supply, from which the electric car was charged for about 12 hours, that is, at home. The reserve was 160 miles, and with enhanced battery the iw1 was able to travel without recharging up to 240 km. In one word-an ideal car. And General motors announced a very high price for it-80 thousand dollars. Under the guise of such a price tag the car was rented. And when motorists tried to redeem this car, even at the offered price, they were refused. The bulk of users Иви1 became Hollywood Bohemian people. They liked the car very much, and the next logical step would be to start mass sales of electric cars. And then the system said stop. In addition to the threat to the powerful oil industry, electric vehicles of that time were unprofitable for the automotive industry in many respects. As shown by the operation of EV1, maintenance of electric machines was elementary and not comparable to that machines on the ice. Therefore, on a formal occasion of the new requirements for automotive security systems, General motors withdrew all its electric vehicles from tenants and quietly destroyed them in a landfill in the deserted wilderness of the Arizona desert. And destroyed a brand new car. Remember, we had video about huge dumps of new cars, many commentators still did not trust us: how so, what fool will destroy absolutely new cars? Well, look, can and destroy. __ Subscribe to kramola in social networks: VK OK Telegram Instagram The website #electric #technology #invention