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Эти 5 вещей обязательно надо знать КАЖДОМУ РОДИТЕЛЮ ! Простые способы сохранить здоровье детей

For members of Sedition 10% discount. Promo code "Kramola" You can order on the website: And in group Vkontakte What could be more important than the health of children? Anyone who has the opportunity to be a parent is clearly aware that his own health and mood depends directly on the health of his child or not. But along with this awareness, the same parents often behave irresponsibly and negligently towards this valuable treasure. Who is responsible for the health of our children? Can be kindergartens? In which crowds of young children are essentially left to themselves. Or school? In which it is more difficult to maintain good health every year due to such circumstances as incredible and not properly distributed load? We throw our children into the system - without thinking about the consequences. As a result, we entrust this important resource to doctors, for example, by signing consent to vaccinations. They say they all know what will keep health and what is not, by the way, Your children. The time has come when you need to take responsibility for the development, happiness and well-being of the younger generation. Today we want to show you 5 simple ways to save this treasure. "Desk-Desk" to help health.» Our children spend a lot of time sitting - either at lessons or at creativity and it is very important that a hobby or study does not make the child stooped. Do not forget that a healthy back is the key to good health. But what do you ask-do not throw the same children study and favorite activities? Throw nothing, just need to choose the optimal furniture that will not cause harm. It is worth paying attention to an interesting invention that will help to avoid this trouble stoop — the name of his "Desk-Desk". This is a real 3 in 1 transformer. It can be used as a Desk — in the usual sitting position. You can learn standing as a Desk. And you can turn into an easel and enjoy drawing. At the same time, the design is so easy to handle that it will cope with any mother. Someone will say that the child is suitable and a simple children's table, because we somehow grew up sitting behind them, but is it good for us with you? Remember this moment, that as soon as the child gets to school start back health problems — scoliosis, stoop. And not from the fact that in educational institutions, just did use harmful to the health of children furniture? Properly adjusted angle of the tabletop will help to preserve vision and avoid unnecessary stress in the cervical spine. This is a natural posture for the eyes. To verify this, pick up the phone when you sit. How do you look at him? In horizontal position, as is the usual the table? No, it's at an angle. This is the problem of tables that stand in school and at home, so the children and hang over them, it is not a natural situation. When the table top is tilted, the load on the eyes is removed, as the text is perceived as a whole. What to study standing, there is already a misspelling of desktop in full effect. The child is not clamped, the pelvic organs function normally, the back is straight and the head thinks much faster. for reference. Steve jobs always worked and did standing or walking. It is good that in our country there is a company that cares about the health of future generations and produces the right children's furniture. Want to keep your children healthy for a long time-try to replace the children's table on the Desk and soon you will feel the difference. For members of Sedition. All the details in the description of the video. Another example. Everyone noticed that as soon as the school year ends and the children go to their grandmother for the summer, after 3 months, everyone is surprised how the child grew up. The answer lies on the surface, children do not sit and run - are in an upright position, but during the year, they sit curled over the tables , from this and lag behind in development. These simple truths and say that standing learning allows children to develop fully. It is worth noting that it is enough to transfer the child to regular dynamic standing/sitting classes and many problems can be avoided, because the essence of the Desk-office — to maintain health. By the way, today, more than 10 thousand people have got healthy tables for study, creativity and work. Especially, this type of furniture is loved by those who decided to teach their child at home, not in a systemic school. After all, from home schooling, perhaps, some advantages-the right furniture that does not spoil the health and — true, really, the necessary knowledge that does not clog the brain. __ Subscribe to kramola in social networks: VK OK Telegram Instagram The website #children #health #family