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Античность это средневековье. Разоблачение лжи историков. Древняя Греция и Рим были в средние века

Subscription Our seditious instagram Secret telegram channel Material on the topic It is believed that history is a science, and what it says is accurate and repeatedly verified information. Experts in the field of history draw maps that reflect the political world order of the distant and not very distant past, depict the life of the inhabitants of a particular historical period, their appearance, customs. However, when we open the written sources of those times, it turns out that contemporaries saw the world quite differently. It turns out that the States and peoples, pushed back by the official history in ancient times, actually existed in the Middle ages, and fabulous animals, such as unicorns, in that era were not considered more fabulous elk or wild boar. In the early maps-XII-XIII and even XV centuries we see countries such as aheya, Babylonia, Assyria, Amazonia, Mesopotamia, Scythia… All, absolutely all European authors of the time, as one, write that such States at that time lived and lived. Of course, you can try to explain this phenomenon, so they say, medieval authors of some countries painted modern, and others - ancient. However, what is the reason for such selectivity? Why was it impossible to depict the political world order as it really was? It's very, very strange and completely illogical. It is much more logical to draw a map with relevant information about the countries and regions in different parts of the world. As for the Amazon, it existed as a small region on the maps of contemporaries until the middle of the XV century! Again: XV-th! It was placed traditionally in the lower Volga region, and attributed to the name of the river: “ITIL”. One famous Catholic priest wrote in 1601 that the Amazons were actually the wives of Slavic (i.e. Scythian or Sarmatian) warriors who had fallen in battle. Grieving widows took up arms to avenge their husbands. And now the question: what makes Scythia on the maps of the Middle ages until the end of XV century? After all, we are told that the Scythians lived in ancient times - ancient times! Read more - __ Subscribe to kramola in social networks: VK OK Telegram Instagram The website #history #ancient #medieval