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Разум мощнее суперкомпьютера. Инструкция по эксплуатации МОЗГА

Pimp my brain Vicium Here is an unusual recipe: 78% water, 15% fat, a bit spices-proteins, hydrate potassium and where sea salt. That's all she wrote. What happened? Just on just most surprising and complex phenomenon in the Universe. At least from what is comparable to the human brain and our knowledge of it. We believe that only humans have self-awareness, and we hope that almost no animals have it and that artificial intelligence does not have it yet. However many people seem to have that close to the time when an artificial intelligence is conscious of himself as a kind of personality. At this point, he will have his plans, his motives, his goals. And about the quality in which humanity will be included in these plans, filmed a large number of films. Get at least the "Superiority" with johnny Depp, who, dying, has connected themselves to the network. How much energy do you think the brain uses? 10 Watts. Consumption of a small light bulb, for example, in the refrigerator. The best of brains in the best of their creative moments consume, say, 30 Watts. The supercomputer desired megawatts, these powerful supercomputers consume energy, which is needed for the electrification of a small city. From this it follows that the brain works in some completely different way than a computer. This leads me to the thought that, if we knew all the same how it works, it would have affected all spheres of our life including even energy — it would be possible to use less amount of energy. Last year, all the computers in the world equaled the performance of one human brain. So we're born with the most powerful computer in our heads. But it is necessary to install the program. Some programs are already in it, and some where you need to pump and you pump the entire life until the day I die. He shakes it all the time, you change all the time, rebuild. In the minutes that you're watching this video, of course, the brain of all of you, too, has already changed. The main work of the brain is to learn. And in this we, oddly enough, can help a variety of courses, online services or platforms. For example, VICIUM. Today, wikium Is one of the simple and effective online platforms for the development of cognitive skills, which is based on scientific knowledge about the functioning of the brain, the structure and development of cognitive processes – perception, attention, thinking, concentration and memory. The project was created by scientists and experts in the field of neuropsychology. The main task of the platform is to reveal the potential of the human brain, development and improvement of cognitive processes, reaction, memory, attention and thinking. Familiarity with the simulator begins with a test that determines the current level of development of brain functions. Based on the test results, an individual training program is formed. 5-10 minutes of work on gaming machines Vicium daily significantly increase the efficiency and concentration. In addition, separately you can take courses on speed reading, mnemonics, the development of emotional intelligence and others. Follow the link in the description and develop your brain with pleasure. But back to the topic of our video. What do we even know about the brain? Information, as always, a lot, but what is true and what is myth? Let's see. __ Subscribe to kramola in social networks: VK OK Telegram Instagram The website # brain #mind #consciousness