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7 удивительных фактов о рождестве Христа. Что празднуем 25 декабря на самом деле?

Perhaps there is no more famous holiday in the world than Christmas. Even New year is not so much propiarit. And everything seems to be simple and clear. Christians know this story by heart. But, nevertheless, if you dig, the naked eye can be traced a close relationship with other, earlier teachings. Although, of course, in every cult of believe in the uniqueness its the legend. In General, we've been behind on, and today you will learn 7 surprising facts about Christmas. No exact data in the Bible Oddly enough, the most important book of the Christians, the Bible, about this important event says very little. And the exact date of Jesus ' birth is not specified at all. In Mark's gospel, it all starts with John, who was baptizing everyone with water. Jesus Christ came to him to be baptized himself as an adult. A similar picture is in the gospel of John. There is not a single mention of the conception or the birth of the Son of God. Just like his parents, Mary and Joseph. In all the Gospels about the birth of the God-man is written outrageously little and everything is somehow vague and chaotic. There is no mention of any date, any name or the real name of the settlement on which it would be possible to learn at least something precisely about the day and place of Jesus ' birth. In General, the main event of the Christian world in the Bible is described very poorly. But, in fact, there is nothing surprising in this. Because the creators of the cult of the son of God, who died for the sins of all mankind, drew inspiration from other sources. And no one really bothered to somehow hide plagiarism. Jesus and his " twins» Looking closer to the main characters of various religious beliefs, you can see almost clones of Christian Jesus. As it turned out, such a person lit up in Ancient Egypt, Persia, India and beyond. In fact, the resurrection of Jesus is just one modification of the cult of the Egyptian God Osiris. Such a cult existed in Asia Minor under the name "cult of Attis", in Syria — the cult of Adonis, on the lands of Romey — the cult of Dionysius and so on. With Dionysius at different times also associated other deities: Mithras, Amon, Serapis, Liber. The total of all these ideas one: December 25, born the God-man, who then helped people and performed miracles. Then he died, then was resurrected. Here are the specific facts. 3000 years BC according to the official chronology. Egypt. December 25 of a virgin-ISIS is born of the Mountains. At the time of his birth in the East lights up a star, the light of which 3 of the king found his birthplace. At the age of 12 years, the Mountains have already taught the children of some rich guy, and 30 received the spirit of dedication from a man named Ana. Gore had 12 disciples with whom he healed people and walked on water. His other names - the Truth, the Light, the Son of God, the Shepherd, the lamb of God, and so on. The mountain was betrayed by Typhon he was crucified, buried, and after 3 days was resurrected. Another story, now in Persia. Mitra, a thousand two hundred years BC according to the official chronology. He was born a virgin on December 25th. He also had 12 students. Miracles worked nemereno, and after death was buried. And, of course, in 3 days rose. He was called Truth, Light. A day of worship of Mithra was Sunday. Now we're going to India. Krishna was born 900 years BC according to the official chronology. His mother was a virgin named Devaki. His arrival in the world marked the star in the East. Worked wonders for his students. After death, as you know, rose. And here is Ancient Greece. 500 years BC, which is, again, the date of the official chronology, where he was born Dionysus. Also born of a virgin on 25 December. Many traveled, worked miracles, for example, (surprise!) turning water into wine. He was called the King of Kings, alpha and omega, and other colorful epithets. After his death, he also rose again. Surprisingly similar fate, is not it? The origins date 25 Dec Now let us turn to date. Why did all of them manage to be born on December 25? It's simple. This date is strongly associated with the winter solstice. After it, the daylight begins to increase, and the night becomes shorter. And this day was strongly associated with the birth of a new sun. It came on the third day after the shortest day of the year on December 22. Hence the allegory. The resurrected God Mithra, for example, was called the Invincible Sun. In fact, many religious cults around the world are built on natural cycles associated with the sun. So do not be surprised by the fact that many Christian holidays coincide with the dates celebrated long before the advent of Orthodoxy in Russia. __ Subscribe to kramola in social networks: VK OK Telegram Instagram The website # Christmas #Christ #NewYear