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Book references Links to videos about the distortion of history 10 facts about the flood Both died of Tartary Until the 19th century there was no winter Why covered city The less a person knows the wider his knowledge seems to him. Just like with knowledge in history. It seems to us that we studied at school, University, watched historical films or even read near-historical literature. And we have a belief that I know what happened in the past really. Well, they say maybe not all the details, but in General you know... If you also think that in General you have the right idea about the history becoming a thumbs up under the video and prepare for the fact that now, you'd at least think about it and come true my idea of the past? Only for this movie necessarily need to watch until the end. In our previous videos we talked about the monstrous distortions in history. Links to videos will be on the screen and in the description. But what we found in this time us themselves plunged in shock. It's hard to believe, but these facts can no longer be hidden or silenced. And now we will tell you about the incredible animals that was not mythical, as we are told, but QUITE REAL. And they lived along with the familiar animals we know more recently. 1. Unicorn On the first page we see unicorns and not one but two at once. One more like a horse the second something between a pig and a bull. And on the 10th page of this book we see as much as 6 unicorns. Any only there is no. And monorali and look like a rhinoceros. But it's unicorns. Maybe he's just a dreamer and Amateur artist? Check Wikipedia Occupation botanist, historian, entomologist The scientific field of botany Well, no. It turns out he is a scientist. So as the science itself and claims this data can and should be believed. While unicorns in this book are with animals quite familiar to us. Goats, donkeys, cows, antelopes, lions. Okay, let's say the author of the book ate mushrooms, or something else, anything in life happens. But there is also some evidence for the existence of unicorns. For example, the book the History of four-footed beasts, reptiles and насекомых1658 year 551 page. And here is still admire: Paintings, prints, murals, coats of arms… Here's A Unicorn. A thumbnail of the "Christian topography" of the XVIII century. Here is a picture of Martin de Vos, 1572 Unicorn, Helen and echidna. Miniature "Primer" Karion Istomin, XVII century. Still plenty of evidence of the existence of unicorns. and we have in turn and other incredible animals. Griffin Again, back to the book of Ian Johnston. On page 45, we see a Griffin. Well, Yes. Nothing unusual about that. Griffin. Along with quite a conventional animals, donkeys, horses, rhinos, hippos. Well, maybe the author I think? Well, let's turn to other evidence that is not so easy to fake, such as a history textbook. Like coats of arms. Griffins on the coats of arms of different countries a great many. Look at that. The emblem of Tartary is also a Gryphon. About this our film. Here is the coat of arms of Kazan – capital of Tatarstan (in tune with Tartary) – but well probably just a coincidence )) so givony on the coins. Thousands of coins with images of the Griffin. Crockery. Trappings. Bas-reliefs, frescoes, paintings. Everywhere we see griffins. What mythical beast which many cultures and peoples around the world were equally represented and equally revered? In addition, we have already found out the incredible craving of historians to destroy everything, namely the bones of fossil animals. They are referred to millions of years in the past, although in some cases there are still undecayed blood cells. This was one of our videos. The link will be on the screen. Can be among the classified millions of years in the past and was our gifon? Think about it. And we move on to even more shocking facts. __ Subscribe to kramola in social networks: VK OK Telegram Instagram The website # myths #unicorn #Griffin