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Почему запад НЕ МОЖЕТ ВЗЛОМАТЬ русский Код? Русские архетипы в сказках и в жизни

Subscribe to: secret telegram channel seditious instagram Let's analyze the Russian fairy tale about Emelya. At first glance, here it is, the cause of all our problems – the usual laziness, the main character sits on the stove and does not want to do anything. But why the people with similar archetypes have the biggest area of the country in the world and it was not won by any army of the world? Hardly had the meaning to pass through the millennia negative at first glance, the characters such dupes-Emelya and Ivan the fool, if they have not contributed to the solution of civilizational challenges. Open consciousness In order to better understand this topic, conditionally divide people's thinking into three categories: monolectics, dialectics, trialectics. The first group contains the two social castes: scholars or priests – it is important one thesis, one truth, not two – all created by God (monotheism), or all created the Big Bang (Orthodox physics) – there are two options. Think of the dialectic of two categories: gain or loss (which pay more), or win-lose. Traditionally, these are two castes: military and business. Therefore, even the terminology of business and military is similar-strategic companies, personnel, market captures, strategic planning… Trialectic-those who are responsible for harmony, for the creation of a new whole of parts. These include traditional writers, artists and, of course, inventors. I asked the fish man in the fairy tale "the fisherman and the fish"? Nothing. What did the old woman ask for? In its requests, the brilliance and poverty of dialectical – permanent "capture the market" and nothing in the end. As a rule, it is very difficult to combine different models of thinking, so business is not adapted for invention, and inventions are created by those who are not interested in the financial side of the issue. Note also that Vasilisa the Beautiful, Princess Frog, Vasilisa the wise-never marry the king, General, merchant. Always for some "entertainer": Ivan the fool, Emelya, Fedot. Thus, after thousands of years such an archetype always gets the highest award-smart wife-beauty. By the way, another cultural code, reflected in Russian folk tales, and associated with female nature: to pass for the first counter. Only the king says this in relation to his daughter, the Princess. Imagine that you are a Russian Tsar, who is offered a groom for the Princess. Everyone takes part in promoting their candidate and strengthening their influence. Thus, a huge number of people try to influence the strategic choice of the first person. In this capricious Princess, too, chooses – don't want it, don't want to. But the man who accidentally came to the court to the Russian Tsar-unambiguous informal, hero, inventor, inventor, and he is not guaranteed to belong to any of the factions that push through their candidates. So, Emelya: noticed what nobody notices-talking pike, took for granted and entered into communication with her. That is, with what others could not even imagine to communicate. Then asked for resources (which the defendant by definition could not be) for a specific task, which stood at the moment – to buckets went themselves. The problem is solved. Then we went to the king – on the stove. He did not borrow money for a horse, as a tradesman would do, did not begin to build a cart or pray to God for horses, as a scientist and a clergyman. How can you describe all this? A completely open, unbiased mind Sees the solution where no one sees it. Uses as a resource what no one considers a resource. Uses schemes that require minimal use of additional complex resources. It is very typical analogy with the best examples of Russian design school. The Russian cultural codes in the construction: Initial. The design has to be "perfect", i.e., without changing its effectiveness for any conceivable or not conceivable intervention in the production or exploitation. Second. The design shall not require special production conditions, special repair conditions or special operating conditions. Now examples from the twentieth century T-34-did a little bit: everywhere tilted armor, instead of thickening and weighting the tank, put a unique and ahead of the time diesel engine, extremely simplified the tank in production, so that it could be assembled at any machine-building plant, from 60-70% of the tanks were repaired on the field, and the next day were again in battle. From the beginning the troops are receiving the booth with educational films about the repair of the tank in the battalion and the regiment. According to the materials of lectures of Sergey Kaprova. __ Subscribe to kramola in social networks: VK OK Telegram Instagram The website #Russia #Russian #Russia