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Топ-5 фейковых артефактов. Разоблачение сенсационных археологических находок

Pimp my brain Vicium Today we will talk about strange artifacts-ancient microchips, gears, medieval bicycles and astronauts. What is this? Hello from the future or the distant past? Make yourself comfortable, now you will see the top 5 amazing artifacts, about which often write that this is a “sensation of the century”, “inconvenient artifact” and so on. Well, let's begin: Ancient spark plug In 1961, three friends in the mountains Obliquely USA collected stone eggs-geodes, inside which could be precious or semi-precious stones. In one of them they found not the usual emptiness or crystals, but a cylindrical object. The find is very much resembled modern of the spark plug. Immediately there were experts who found that the age of the discovery of more than half a million years. Spark plug age of more than five hundred thousand years? Is it real? How did she get there? The trace of the discovery was lost in 1969. But the study continued, according to x-rays of the artifact car experts unanimously found that this spark plug Ford-T sample of the early XX century. The interviewed eyewitnesses and witnesses who "live" saw an unusual find, told that the found Geode was not quite usual-inside it was soft and plastic, unlike the usual Geode. So there was the most convincing version of the emergence of" five hundred thousand spark plugs " - at the beginning of the century in the extraction of minerals candle was thrown into a pile of debris from shells, dirt and other residues, where she successfully petrified for 40 years, becoming one of the incredible artifacts of the XX century. However, this raises questions about the rate of sedimentation and sedimentary rock formation, which official Geology stretches for millions of years... But this is a separate conversation, and we move on to another fossil: Ancient microchips and bolts Here is such a finding surprisingly similar to what each of us sees on his Bank card. What is the real message of an extraterrestrial civilization? This finding was transferred to the study in one of the Russian research institutes. The answer was simple and not as fantastic as we would like. "Ancient microchip" were the remains of the oldest marine life – crinoid, which is also called sea Lily. Yeah, a microchip like that is unlikely to be a pass to the Stargate. Well, at least the age of the discovery is really impressive - some 410-450 million years. But this is not the only artifact that has a natural biological origin. Here, for example, another: Kamchatka mechanism. And again, the discovery is about four hundred million years old, and it is very similar to modern gear mechanisms - such loud words were replicated in the media. Still, the mechanism contains hundreds of gears,and gives the impression of a machine. It's actually fossilized ancient echinoderms. And of course, where without Ancient bolts, screws and screws. Look like the remains of crinoids, due to the dissolution of their segments. However, all this does not prevent the emergence of bright headlines, such as: “in Moscow found the bolt, which is 300 million years old!” Crystal skull This is another message from the ancient Mayans, except for the abandoned cities and the calendar with the end of the world. The most famous "Skull of Fate" was found by Mitchell-Hendges in 1927 during the excavations of the Mayan year Lubaantun. However, the discovery saw the light only in 1964, when it was transferred to the study of art historian Frank Dorland. It turned out that the skull created from solid crystal, the eye sockets of the skull glowed and reflected the light through a special system of channels and wedges in the back of the skull and the lower jaw was movable. Crystal is very durable material, it can only be cut with diamond, but the ancient Maya Indians have found a way to process it. There are different versions of the purpose of this skull. There are hypotheses that it served for the accumulation and transmission of information, was a tool for divination and predictions, was used as a magnifying glass or primitive laser. __ Subscribe to kramola in social networks: VK OK Telegram Instagram The website #top 5 #fake #finds