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Газпром, Роснефть - достояние какой нации ? Властные группировки России часть 2

If you want details, subscribe to our secret telegram channel and be in the subject - National treasure. Here is so, not more and not less, TV praises Gazprom. But who does it really belong to? Each of us? Well, let's understand, but we will not be limited to Gazprom, we will also see Rosneft. Until recently, many were really sure that such companies belong to the state, but there was an incident. The government cannot negotiate with "public companies" to freeze prices for gasoline. But it turned out that it is still flowers. After watching this video to the end, you will see such documents that are shocking. They are not something that few have seen, about which even few people have heard. By the way, some of them are posted only in the telegram. As well as the review of the criminal past of those who now holds key positions in the state. Look, it will be interesting, we promise. And now back to Gazprom. Go to the official website in the promotions section and see the owners. The companies controlled by the Russian Federation are marked with an asterisk and in total 50, 23% - the Russian Federation has a controlling stake. And 49.77% of Russia does not belong, these are other persons and owners of ADR. ADR is an American Depositary receipt freely traded on a foreign stock market issued by an American Bank Depository. ADR affirms the ownership of the shares of PJSC Gazprom. We will return to the shares of Gazprom, because there is another interesting point regarding the shares owned by Rosneftegaz. And now let's move on to another state - owned company-Rosneft. Go to the website of Rosneft and see the composition of shareholders: - 50% and 1 share belongs to Rosneftegaz. - 20% owned by Bidirectionality - 19% owned by Kuac OYL Investmens QH Oil Investments - 10% owned by a non-Bank Credit Institution - less than one % - to other legal entities. - 1 share owned by the government - 0.34% for individuals - less than 0.01% belongs to unidentified persons. According to these data, the Russian Federation owns a little more than 50% here there is a note that Rosneftegaz is 100% Federal property. A direct share of the state in the face of Rosimushchestvo is less than 1%. As in the case of Gazprom, the Russian Federation owns shares of Rosneft directly and through Rosneftegaz. Now most interesting. Let's look at the Board of Directors. The Chairman of the Council – Gerhard Schroeder, ex-Chancellor of Germany, and Sechin in his deputies. Of the 11 members of the Council, 7 are foreigners, i.e. the majority. Members of the Board of Directors are elected by the General meeting of shareholders. The Board is elected by shareholders, and there are only 4 Russians. But if 51% of the shares belong to Russia, why does the government entrust the management of the state company to foreigners? Moreover, according to the Charter, these foreigners carry out: "strategic management of the company's activities on behalf and in the interests of all shareholders of the company", determine priority directions and long-term development strategy, approve plans for financial and economic activities and so on."And of course," appoint the chief Executive officer", that is Sechin and"other members of the Board". And now the promised bomb. We turn to the most mysterious state - owned company in Russia-Rosneftegaz. Rosneftegaz is a Russian company that manages the assets of the oil and gas industry. Wikipedia says – "the activity of the company is in possession of state blocks of shares, the company owns 50% + 1 share of Rosneft, nearly 11% of Gazprom, 74.5% of Rosgazifikatsiya, about 28% of Inter and 7% the Caspian Pipeline Consortium. But why Wikipedia and not the official website of Rosneftegaz? - you ask. So its official website Rosneftegaz no. On the website rusprofile, where you can see information about legal entities, the official website of Rosneftegaz is Rosneft's website, but there is practically no information about Rosneftegaz, only the Charter and internal documents, which are not so much. It is obvious that Rosneftegaz hides information about itself. The company owns huge funds, but it owns them in secret from us. Imagine that this company receives dividends and should transfer them to the budget, but this happens very rarely. In the roller materials used from channel "Truth hurts" __ Subscribe to kramola in social networks: VK OK Telegram Instagram The website # Gazprom #Rosneft #subsoil