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Черная аристократия Запада. Старейшие семьи Европы правят миром до сих пор

Seditious telegram Seditious instagram Related material: about the Rothschilds about Rockefellers about Sifow about Baruch about the Russian clans Part 1 about Gazprom and Co. 2 Many have heard this expression - the black aristocracy of Europe. It smacks of a grown-ass conspiracy theories, but this is not a myth but a harsh reality. European aristocrats-the heirs of ancient titles and States – do not like to Shine in the press and avoid lists of "Forbes". Here are some unexpected facts that reveal the true face of the owners of Europe. In the list of rich people the same names as 600 years ago The Apennine economists conducted an unusual study. They went in the archives of Florence and looked into the Florentine taxpayers in 1427 and compared them with data for 2011 Results surprised the researchers: among the most wealthy taxpayers in the 15 and 21st centuries same as almost 900 names. You may know that throughout the XX century writers have repeatedly returned to the theme of the decline of the aristocracy and the death of "old money". About the ruin of the nobility wrote poetry and novels. In the imagination of a modern European aristocrat is an eccentric old man, barely heated a couple of rooms in a dilapidated ancestral castle with a leaky roof. And suddenly it turned out that well-known aristocratic families survived in all social disasters. Despite world wars and revolutions, they managed to keep and increase the huge States which actually don't give in to accounting. The counts of Cawdor mentioned by Shakespeare in Macbeth still live in their ancestral castle. German princes Fürstenberg, leading his family from the XIII century, also live in family residences-castles and princely palaces. And the legendary Schwarzenberg dynasty owns a dozen castles and palaces. Their most spectacular property is a huge Palace in the center of Vienna. A third of all British land is owned by the black aristocracy The Duke of Westminster owns part of the famous areas of London – Mayfair and Belgravia. In the property of count Kadogan is the Central part of the English capital – kadogan square, part of the streets of Sloane street and kings road. Baroness Howard de Walden owns the prestigious London streets of Harley street and Marylebone high street. All premises located in these areas are rented at the highest rental rate in the world. Buy a house built by the owner of the land, it is almost impossible-for hundreds of millions of dollars bought only the right to rent a mansion for a period of 35 years. At the same time, the buyer pays the owner annually for renting the land under the house. European nobility seldom found in the "Forbes» Why? "Old money", unlike recently earned capital, loves silence. In the noble castles and palaces kept a myriad of books, paintings, antique furniture, works of art. It is impossible to calculate their total cost even approximately. It is at gates and Zuckerberg anyone can see how much assets are valued in the market. The property of noble families, acquired over the centuries, is securely hidden from prying eyes. The British, for example, have long been trying to find out what kind of land is owned by Edward William FitzAlan-Howard, the 18th Duke of Norfolk. The Duke himself says about his estates modestly: "Yes, I farm a little...". Even in such a modern structure as the Brussels bureaucracy, aristocrats have found their feeder. Since they own hundreds of thousands of hectares of land, they present themselves as "farmers" and claim solid subsidies allocated to the EU to support agriculture. Every year, such "farmers"as the Duke of Marlborough, the Duke of Northumberland, the Duke of Westminster and Lord Rothschild receive from Brussels from 700 thousand to 1 million pounds. It is difficult to "weigh" even the wealth officially announced. How much can cost, for example, the originals of famous artists, letters of Christopher Columbus, palaces in Seville and Madrid and the first edition of "don Quixote", which is owned by the family of the 19th Duke of Alba? According to various estimates, his fortune is estimated at 600 million to 4.7 billion euros. The spread of figures clearly shows how conventional estimates. Do not pay taxes and sleep well __ Subscribe to kramola in social networks: VK OK Telegram Instagram The website # clans #aristocracy #Europe