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От этого историков БРОСАЕТ В ДРОЖЬ. Железобетонные доказательства древних технологий

Seditious telegram Seditious instagram Links to our videos about artifacts: fake artifacts myths 5 artifacts artifacts of Siberia technologies of the past giants in the engravings We have repeatedly talked about the phenomena that do not fit into the worldview of modern people. Recently we talked about fake artifacts, but there are also real objects from archaic civilizations, whose technology science has not solved. For example, traces of a highly developed civilization remained on the territory of modern Japan. Objects are concentrated in the town of Asuka, 60 km from the city of Kyoto. Park of megaliths, built of granite made perfect, niches as if melted or cut. But with the help of some devices? Traces of rough manual labor, such as chisels or chisels, no, and they are difficult to even leave a scratch. And they were used presumably in the antediluvian period-in 12-16 thousand years BC. The biggest building of Masada EleFun weighs more than 7,000 tons, it is situated on top of a hill, and the rest scattered in the distance and are located in the mountains, forests, and even among fields. What only version is not put forward by scientists-they say, this ancient graves, and platforms for observing the stars. Their true purpose is a mystery. In Japan, it is believed that the appearance of buildings involved the Gods and call the stones balls of the Gods, because the common man to build this is almost impossible. What do you friends think about this? And here is another megalith from Japan. The so-called" TV giants " Ishi-no-Hoden. This famous huge megalith is located near the Japanese city of Takasago. Its weight is about 600 tons. It is believed that it was created before our era. Stone is a local attraction-and looking at his photos and old drawings, you know why it is so popular. In fact, such amazing structures made of stone a huge number. For example, the complex Shareking. Located on the Shalmala river in the Indian state of Karnataka. When summer comes and the water level in the river decreases, hundreds of pilgrims come here. From under the water exposed a variety of mysterious stone figures carved in ancient times. Are they hand-carved? And these are the Barabar Caves. Barabar is a generic name for a group of caves located in the Indian state of Bihar, near the city of Gaia. Officially, they were created in the III century BC, again, from the point of view of historians, by hand. Fast forward to Egypt. The mystery of granite sarcophagi 30 km from Cairo has not yet been solved. In the underground structure called Serapium placed 24 huge sarcophagus 4 meters long, 2 meters wide and 3.5 meters high, each of which lead about 100 tons, they are made without iron, machines and other technical tools. In those days in the course were only stone and copper tools. But how? Scientists prefer to keep quiet. 7 km of secrets hidden underground. This is the length of the Necropolis tunnels. And here is finding from our country. How many thousands of years in the Narada river in the Urals of the Russian Federation has been the ancient springs of tungsten and molybdenum, yet did not find them in the 1991 gold diggers? No one, of course, does not know Dating, as always, swim. But it is interesting that some specimens could only be found under a microscope, and they were found at a depth of 3 to 12 meters. How did they get to the bottom? More than 1,000 miniature artifacts, perhaps not from our planet, man and now can not produce details, even remotely resembling a find. Tungsten springs so melted, as if it were the parts of the wrecked spacecraft. It sounds fantastic, but other versions have not yet been announced. And there are no refutations from the official science either. Can someone simply delivers pleasure to keep us in ignorance, only sometimes throwing in banal versions?And here, perhaps, the most famous megalith of our planet. In the city of Baalbek is a real archaeological treasure "southern stone" - megalithic block. It is sawn from the bottom of the base and inclined to the horizon at an angle of about 30 degrees, which corresponds to the General slope of the surrounding area. The weight of the stone is more than 1000 tons, in size it reaches more than 20 meters in length and more than 4 in width and height. __ Subscribe to kramola in social networks: VK OK Telegram Instagram The website # artifacts #history #archaeology