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Как это вообще построили? Руины древних цивилизаций на третьей планете от солнца

Seditious telegram Seditious instagram Links to our videos about artifacts: ancient technology fake artifacts myths 5 artifacts artifacts of Siberia technologies of the past giants in the engravings On our planet there are many mysterious structures, which are associated with unsolvable puzzles. About some of them we have already told in one of the previous videos. And here are a few more things that can impress with their fantastic architectural characteristics. I bet a lot of you will be shocked by the conclusions these artifacts will eventually lead us to. In the spring of 1985 in the coastal waters of a small Japanese island of Yonaguni local diving instructor stumbled upon a strange object. Not far from the shore literally under the surface of the waves he saw a huge stone monument, stretching to the limits of visibility. Wide flat platforms covered with an ornament from rectangles and rhombuses, passed in intricate terraces cascading down the big steps. After the diver reported his discovery to specialists, Japanese Newspapers were full of sensational headlines. But the scientific community has almost completely ignored these reports. Historians have no information about the culture that can create such a structure here. Therefore, they preferred to declare the hypothesis of the artificial origin of the underwater monument of Yonaguni a simple speculation and write off everything on a bizarre game of nature. It soon became clear that this is not the only contender for the title of the ruins of an ancient civilization. 200 meters South-East of the Monument is the object, which was named "Stadium". It really looks like a kind of stadium, representing a clean area of about 80 meters in size, surrounded by stepped structures resembling spectator stands. Although the " stands "themselves are very similar to purely natural formations, there are also cut troughs and"paths" in them. In the end, it was found and the object that took all the questions. From a distance it is somewhat similar to the cabin of a large submarine. But as you get closer to this" cabin", it turns into a... 7-meter human head!!! It is sometimes called "moai-like figure" with a hint of the statue of the distant Easter island. And if desired, a certain similarity can be found, although very separated. In principle, the "head" could be a purely natural formation. But what is absolutely undeniable is the fact that the recesses forming the mouth and eyes, have signs, if not of artificial origin, it is a clear improvement. Moray is a city in Peru about 50 km North-East of Cusco, near the city of Maras. The city of Moray is famous for a large complex of ruins of the Inca civilization. Stand out among the ruins of a huge circular terrace — presumably the monuments of terrace farming. The depth of the wells (the largest is about 30 m deep) creates a temperature difference between the upper and lower parts of 15° C. As in many other monuments of Inca culture, in Mora there was a complex system of agricultural irrigation to supply water to plants. At first glance, Moray is very similar to the ancient Greek amphitheater. The researchers found that it was a kind of agricultural laboratory Incas, where empirically selected the best conditions for certain crops and vegetables. Just in Moray four such complexes-terraces; the biggest 45 meters in depth. The height of each level is 2 meters, which creates a temperature difference between the upper and lower part of the “well” of 5-6°C. Different levels of terraces received different amounts of sunlight and precipitation. Soil samples showed that it was imported from other regions of Peru, from the jungle, subtropics, the Andes. Thus, Inca-technologists in practice determined what kind of seeds are more suitable for certain conditions. Then, the grown super-grains were sent to the regions to improve the quality of the crop. __ Subscribe to kramola in social networks: VK OK Telegram Instagram The website #history #artifacts #pyramids