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Он умер, но дело его живёт. Зловещая правда о Фонде Рокфеллеров и его влиянии на мировую политику

Seditious telegram Seditious instagram Related video: about the Rothschilds about Rockefellers about Sifow about Baruch about the Russian clans Part 1 about Gazprom and Co. 2 about the black aristocracy In one of the previous videos we have already talked about the Rockefeller clan. It's time to talk about the Foundation of this clan, which in fact is the largest purse in the world. After all, you can not argue with this - very much can be understood in the character of a person, knowing how and what he spends money on. His goals and aspirations become visible. So let's see what he did in the past and is now engaged in the Rockefeller Foundation. It was created by the brothers in 1913. In the same year, the fed was created. Funny coincidence, isn't it? But now not about the dollar printing press, this is the topic of a separate video. To better understand what is Rockefeller Foundation (Rockefeller Foundation), take a short excursion into history. Even before the start of the Second world Rockefeller Foundation actively funded research to plan the postwar world Empire. It's ordinary people play computer strategy, global strategy, real countries and peoples, develops, for them, the ' Rockefeller Foundation. He still is the source of the salaries of thousands of researchers and analysts, which examines interesting for Clan direction. But the choice of these areas and conclusions Rockefellers have always done independently, taking into account their interests. So was and in the times. Then they were preparing to replace the figure of the British Empire with the figure of the USA on the geopolitical chessboard. So it is not surprising that the UN headquarters in new York is on private land, on the land of the Rockefellers. Nazi racial politics is condemned all over the world, but they created it too. Until 39, the Rockefeller Foundation funded the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Berlin. Then it was called Nazi eugenics. They wanted to destroy or sterilize the "inferior". This is not an exaggeration, they thought: "God has made us the most influential people on the planet, and we, and not the biblical characters, are truly God's chosen people.” But the fact is that the rest, defective in their opinion the representatives of humanity, do not want to recognize themselves as such, so the Rockefellers were forced to Repack eugenics in the population problem. So if you hear somewhere about "family planning", or the problem of" overpopulation", you know, it's just words that the Rulers of the World have replaced the concept of" policy of depopulation "and"elimination of unnecessary mouths.".. After all, in the 50s with the help of the Rockefeller Foundation was founded "population Council" to control the birth rate on the planet. In the 1970s, the Fund co-financed with who the development of a special tetanus vaccine, which limited the population to women who could not give birth. Since then, vaccination has remained one of the main ways in which the human population has been reduced. Has anything changed since then? Let's see. 2010. In his speech on the TED platform, the world-famous bill gates actually confirmed his participation in a private meeting at the house of the President of the University of Rockefeller Paul Nurs. The host was David Rockefeller. In addition to Bill gates the event was attended by Warren Buffett and other major financial players. Together with gates, they created in 2006 the world's largest private Foundation of $ 60 billion. Where did this money go? The most important topic of the meeting was the issue of birth control and global population reduction. During the discussion, it was decided to perceive population growth as a"potentially catastrophic environmental, social and industrial threat". But let's continue our historical background. In 74, the clan established the "Tripartite Commission" to destroy the economy of entire countries and promote the so-called globalization - when not the country, and heads of corporations and major banks rule the world. There is no crisis that would not be beneficial to them. Why, they're the ones organizing them. The oil shock of ' 73 was arranged by the Bilderberg group, which, in turn, the Rockefellers have established in 50-e years. All the blame for the crisis fell on the Arab oil sheikhs, and as a result of Rockefeller banks have become the largest in the world. _ Subscribe to kramola in social networks: VK OK Telegram Instagram The website # Rockefeller # conspiracy #masons