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Иван Ефремов под прицелом КГБ . Сбывшиеся пророчества забытого гения научной фантастики

Seditious telegram Seditious instagram Most of the people in our country know Ivan Efremov as a science fiction writer, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. His name is associated with many secrets and rumors that are still unsolved. Here are just a few of them. Who really was Efremov? Why did he, the winner of the Stalin prize, suddenly come under the sight of the KGB? What was it about his books that many of them were banned? Is it true that the KGB thought he was an alien agent? Want to know the answers to these questions and much more? Then be sure to watch this video to the end. It is not surprising that the science fiction writer Ivan Efremov was closely associated with scientific activities. Among his colleagues there were a lot of scientists. For example, biochemist Isaac Asimov, inventor Arthur Clark, philosopher Stanislav LEM, geographer Jules Verne. Efremov also made a huge contribution to science as a paleontologist and geologist. The search for fossil evidence of the past of our planet has become a real passion for him. Scientist Efremov is at the origin of a trend in paleontology, taphonomy, the science of the burial of fossils in geological strata. Scientific views of the writer were largely revolutionary. And they remain so until now. The main work of his life, "Taphonomy and the geological record" Efremov encroached on the Holy of holies, the theory of Charles Darwin, which recognizes the majority of the world scientific community. Studying the burial of ancient creatures, the researcher came to the conclusion that the recognized by all gradual evolution from fish to man is not entirely correct. For example, the presence in the oldest sediments only fossils of fish does not mean that life on land at that time was not at all. Fossilized fish remains were the only ones because most of the continental sediments destroyed the subsequent redrawing of the continents and changing their contours. And in the layers of sediments corresponding to different historical periods there is no-no, and there are strange forms with a more complex structure. That is, in the opinion of Ephraim, beings of different levels of evolutionary development could exist at the same time. But despite such amazing conclusions, which were not recognized even by his closest colleagues, Ivan Antonovich Efremov's research in the field of Geology and paleontology was of great importance for the development of these scientific disciplines. His scientific contribution was even awarded the Stalin prize. But all these great services to the scientific world and the country later did not prevent the authorities to firmly take up Efremov and his creative heritage. November 4, 1972, a month after the death of the writer in his apartment KGB specialists staged a long search. But I was looking for, still not clear. The record says that the reason for the search was the presence of "ideologically harmful literature". And here's what they took out: old photos of Ephraim and his friends, letters, receipts, samples of minerals, a collapsible cane, a "metal Mace of non-ferrous metal", a book about Africa, "various chemicals in bubbles and jars." Only 41 subjects. A strange set, isn't it. After the search, the release of the 5-volume works of the writer was suspended, and his scientific research did not appear anywhere for several years. What is so annoy the authorities, the opposition have enough to pay it even tried after death? It's simple. Efremov, despite his activity, remained a dark horse for power. Version were different. According to one of them, Efremov during his expedition to Mongolia was replaced by an English scout. On the other hand, it was done much earlier. Another unusual version is that Efremov, like many science fiction writers, is an agent of some extraterrestrial civilization. In 60-70 years of the 20th century it was common. For example, in the United States in this period and in counterintelligence in the army there were units dealing directly green men. One of the Strugatsky brothers, Arkady, said that he and his brother received many letters about alien spies. In his opinion, a strange search after the writer's death, an incomprehensible set of seized objects, just indicates that they were looking for something unusual, perhaps an alien means of communication. Of course, no direct evidence has not been found, and could not find, but the version of "Ephraim-alien" for a long time hovered in the air. __ Subscribe to kramola in social networks: VK OK Telegram Instagram The website # Efremov #science fiction #science