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ТОП 5 технологий контроля Человейника. Как псевдоэлита утилизирует лишних людей

Seditious telegram Seditious instagram We live in the age of active development of technologies and today for us it is a common thing that people could not even think about 20-30 years ago. And these technologies are already firmly entrenched in our lives. Meanwhile, harmless and innocuous can not call them. In this video you will see five of the most dangerous modern technologies, which, at first glance, do not seem so. So first on the agenda – chitrali. For many years, conspiracy theorists say that the governments of different countries secretly sprayed harmful to life and health chemicals from passenger aircraft. It turns out that the visible trace of the aircraft is often compote of hazardous substances such as aluminum, strontium, manganese, barium and much more. The goal of these actions is one-to reduce the population of the planet or, in other words, genocide. Recognize this fact is slowly beginning at the official international level. Under the guise true, the mythical good intentions the type of prevention of global warming. Thus, in 2014, Rosalind Peterson, President of the organization Agriculture Defense Coalition, made a speech at one of the UN assemblies. She said from a high rostrum that the chemicals that are sprayed from the sky by the US government, cause serious damage to agriculture, forests and human health. Rosalind Peterson noted that a huge amount of heavy metals are released into the atmosphere allegedly in order to prevent the impact of solar radiation. But the, that these metals make with water and air, otherwise as poisoning of the call cannot be. In addition, they block the process of photosynthesis necessary for the release of oxygen. There is a barbaric interference in the natural balance, the consequences of which are terrible even to imagine. And this is not the only such confirmation from the powers that be. On the official website of the CIA on June 29, 2016 was published the speech of CIA Director John Owen Brennon, who headed this Department until 2017. In this document he formally acknowledges chemtrail as a kind of geoengineering, actually used in the fight against global warming. And this moment can be considered significant, as earlier the us authorities did big eyes and twisted at the temple. Type chemtrail exist only in the sick imagination of conspiracy theorists. Well, that's just something. By the way, in our group on this topic you can see a large and very interesting film shot by foreign researchers. The next item of our Top will be chipping technology. We can talk about the prospects for a long time. One has only to imagine what opportunities will get power if microchips will be massively implanted in the human body. And if you think that we are talking about some distant prospects, it is not so. The first stage of chipping is already being practiced at the international level. We are talking about the chipping of Pets and livestock. In the US, for example, this is actively engaged since 1987. But the problem is that dogs and cats are just a stage. So to speak, an intermediate. The real goal is to chip us humans. And work is already underway. In 1999, Applied Digital Solutions (ADS) bought Digital Angel Corporation with its development VeriChip, which was later adapted to work with people. Initially, the purpose of creating microchips was medical care for paralyzed people. Such chips helped to set in motion the inactive bodies. But as is often the case with inventions, there is a flip side to the coin. The potential for the use of microchips was much wider and technology interested in those whose goals are not so good. At the moment there are more than ten microchips-implants. Today they already know how much, for example, to make payment transactions. But in addition to medical, financial and identification functions, such devices can affect people's emotions and behavior. It is known that since 2007, VeriChip technology manufacturers have been negotiating with the us Department of defense to replace the metal tags of us army soldiers with microchips. And what can be sewn into this microchip, let your imagination tell you. Another company Iota Biosciences introduced its new product, a tracker for implantation into the human body. It operates on electricity produced by ultrasound. As always, the goals are very good: the device will vigilantly monitor human health and monitor the operation of all systems. The size of this thing does not exceed the size of the font on the coin. That's ready chip, which can chip the entire population of the planet. Now let's talk about Bank cards or the so-called non-cash payment. __ Subscribe to kramola in social networks: VK OK Telegram Instagram The website #genocide #depopulation #control