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Почему он его не съел? 10 невероятных историй о дружбе людей с дикими животными

Seditious telegram Seditious instagram Can a little boy cuddle with a Python while lying in his room and a grown woman play with two Bengal tigers in her garden? At first glance it sounds incredible, but the friendship between man and animal is something more than we imagined. Who knows, perhaps such people in the past was much more? Anyway, now you will see the top 10 amazing cases of human friendship with animals. Well, according to tradition, at the end a small bonus. Here we go. *** In a family of freelance photographers Alan and Sylvia June 4, 1990 was born a girl named Tippi. Parents, spending whole days in nature and photographing African animals, were not afraid to take a little Tippi. Every day, watching the wild animals, the child began to understand their habits and behaviors. For 10 years of life Tippi learned to easily contact with a variety of animals, and the African Savannah became her home. She was surrounded by friends everywhere: she rode elephants and took them water treatments, played with lions, cheetahs, mongooses, ostriches, giant frogs, snakes and chameleons. When Tippi was asked how she managed to make friends with dangerous predators, she replied that the main thing is to be calm and show sincere friendliness, to which the animal is sure to respond in kind. Now Tippi is an adult 28-year-old girl who is engaged in the protection of nature and takes part in the creation of documentaries about wildlife. *** Caught in the clutches of an 800-pound bear, Jim kowalchik does not even try to get out. First, they still can't get out, and secondly, Jim knows that the way bear shows his affection and friendship. There are many animal rehabilitation centers in the US, but the Jim and his wife Susan center is unique: it's rare for anyone to interact with these large predators at such close range. Shelter Jim and Susan provide full care and attention to wounded animals, and the restoration returns them to the wild. Perhaps it is a sensitive and warm attitude of the people causes animals to trust people, and even a dangerous animal like a bear is showing warm feelings. According to Jim, the only danger in his friendship with the bear is the probability that the clubfoot will accidentally settle down on him. *** One day Janice Halley read in the newspaper an unusual note: it said about the courses, which taught to deal with tigers. After training, Janice soon brought home her first striped cub. The woman was fascinated by the tiger cub and surrounded him with real love and care. The picture that now appears before the eyes of Janice's neighbors is simply amazing: two huge Bengal tigers sleep, eat and frolic in her garden! 180-kilogram Yanda and 270-kilogram saber behave like domestic cats. They allow themselves to feed, iron, and of course very fond of Janice and her husband. The owners also loved their animals and they spend almost all their income. And you would like to imagine such Pets? __ Subscribe to kramola in social networks: VK OK Telegram Instagram The website # animals #TOP10 #facts