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Что сделало нас такими? Основы русской ментальности. В чём особенности психологии русского человека

Previous video on the topic: Subscribe to: secret telegram channel seditious instagram We have already raised the issue of why the Russian people with specific archetypes live in the country with the largest territory, and at the same time for centuries, is not inferior to such a sweet piece of land to the enemies. Unusual examples of Russian archetypes can be found in our telegram channel, and in this video we will talk about another, no less important factor affecting the way of life and thoughts of the Russian people. It's about the harsh winter and what she taught us. To do this, look into the distant past and see how our ancestors learned to survive in the harsh natural conditions of the temperate climatic zone, which stretches most of our vast country. Temperate climatic zone is coniferous, mixed and deciduous forests. It is the forest, full of wild beasts and birds. These are fields and meadows covered with berries and mushrooms. Lakes and rivers teeming with fish. People living in these latitudes, throughout its history engaged in hunting, fishing and gathering. So many resources – do not want to take! Almost a Paradise! However, there is one problem. All these riches available to man only 6, well a maximum of 8 months in a year. And the rest of the time is a real survival marathon. Because I want to eat every day, and the ability to store fat as, for example, does it bear, mother nature has awarded us. When the cold comes to the temperate climate zone, the birds fly to warmer climes. Many animals also go in search of a warm place for wintering. And those who remain are no longer so accessible, because the deep snow man to hunt and move much harder. Fish is also either asleep or hiding under a thick layer of ice. About berries and mushrooms in General there is nothing to say. It should also be taken into account that the farther North, the longer the period of cold weather. That is, the usual forms of food production, is not so effective and feed yourself and your family becomes an impossible task. What if it's a small community? How then feed? Choice was small. Go over potential food warm or to stockpile remains in place. Both of these methods have shown their effectiveness, however, in different conditions, and most importantly, they were the impetus for the further progress of our people. Why this is so, now we will explain to you popularly. The fact is that forests, rivers, hills and lakes became the main natural obstacles for active movement. Therefore, only those who lived in an open area, that is, in the steppe, could leave for the animals. To survive in the desert in winter was also quite a task. But the absence of natural obstacles allowed to move gradually to the South. The main difficulty here was the speed of movement. Even a grown man is not able to run as fast as a deer or a wild boar. What can we say about small children, women and the elderly. Yes and belongings, weapons, too, need was as something transfer. The solution to the problem was the domestication of horses, as well as sheep and cows. And if cows and sheep immediately became a source of food and clothing, the horses people quickly began to use as a means of transportation. So the inhabitants of the steppes were able to roam after wild animals already having their own herds. Later, hunting ceased to be the main source of food, and the transition from place to place was necessary to have their own cattle could eat and survive the winter. After all, most of the vegetation in the steppe also dries up in winter, the ground freezes and the first green shoots crawl out only in spring. Winter in the steppe is also a pleasure. Constant piercing winds, which sometimes do not allow even to light a fire. And from the flocks of hungry wolves or hide or hide. So moving South was the only way out. Well, those who had the way to the South was ordered, had to look for other ways to adapt. In areas covered by forests, with a large number of rivers and lakes, the only option to survive was sedentary life and preparation of reserves. Otherwise-death from hunger and cold was guaranteed. Procurement and storage of stocks were also not an easy task. It was necessary to understand what and how to harvest, and where to store it all. It is easy to guess that similar problems put our ancestors before need to think up something new, more progressive at that time. __ Subscribe to kramola in social networks: VK OK Telegram Instagram The website #Russia #Russian #psychology