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За эти изобретения его устранили спецслужбы США. Технологии Виктора Шаубергера о которых молчат

Seditious telegram Seditious instagram Materials on the topic: You can endlessly look at three things: how the fire burns, how the water flows, and how the most daring projects of scientists become a reality. Second, the study of the properties of water, Austrian physicist and naturalist Victor Schauberger devoted his life. It would seem that people have always known about the enormous power that water contains. Even Tibetan monks, Egyptians, Incas and ancient inhabitants of the island of Crete noticed that the water tends to form a whirlwind. Because of this, it can flow from the bottom up – as happens in some rivers. This was the basis for Victor Schauberger's revolutionary discoveries. This man learned to extract energy from its movement and showed a natural way to purify water. It would seem that all this was to change our lives for the better, to solve most of the major problems of mankind. Why didn't it happen? Let's understand! Victor was born at the end of the 19th century in the family of a hereditary Forester. His father dreamed that his son would have graduated from University, studied forestry and followed in his footsteps, but Schauberger chose a different path. All the knowledge he drew not from scientific works, but from observations of the processes of nature. He feared, that educators of higher skating distort his "natural" vision, as happened with his brother, so entered a simple forest College. Although Victor was never a scientist by education, he made a number of fundamental discoveries of the twentieth century. The attention of the young naturalist attracted the river. The first thing he noticed was that rivers don't like sunlight. They always arise in the dense dark forest. The second observation that struck the naturalist was that in the maelstrom of the mountain stream rounded stones levitate, overcoming gravity. At the same time, only polished stones, like an egg, rise, and angular remain at the bottom. "Why do they have such a form?"- Victor asked himself a question. The answer was not obvious. It is this geometric figure formed inside the vortex, and therefore the objects of this form is easiest to react to movement. The first invention of the Forester was a floating device. Schauberger used the practical knowledge accumulated by his family. Still his father and grandfather were able to direct water forest slopes. My father taught the future scientist that the water under the sun becomes tired and lazy, and at night and especially in the moonlight – fresh and alive. From what Victor concluded that the speed of the flow depends on the water temperature. To speed up the alloy, the inventor periodically drained water and launched a new, fresh, from mountain streams. They built a wooden tray had a cross section similar to the blunt end of the egg. Schauberger did what seemed impossible to the leading specialist of the time. Huge logs, being heavier than water, were carried away by a prompt stream in a valley. Having heard in Vienna about the outstanding Forester government put him Imperial consultant on floating devices. Schauberger's salary immediately doubled, and he received it in gold. Which was rare at the time of inflation. This success of Schauberger angered the scientific community. Did not contribute to the establishment of relations with Victor experts and the fact that all copies of his devices from the experts did not function and each time had to contact him personally. After many scientists sent a written protest to Parliament against the overpaid Schauberger, the government tried to deprive him of his salary. Then the famous "Forester" moved to a large Austrian construction company. For her, he built alloy devices in many European countries. All of them were rated as "miracle of technology". The second major discovery of the naturalist was the invention of water purification. Schauberger was against the extraction of ground water by the pump. He said that the water obtained in this way is not yet "ripe", has not passed the entire cycle of development and can not be used as a drinking water. In 1930, he designed his first apparatus in the form of eggs to enrich the water with useful elements. But perhaps the most important discovery of Schauberger was the power of non-explosive destruction. This is without a doubt his most significant discovery. The ancients did not have electric pumps, but, nevertheless, they, too, like modern people, used water supply. __ Subscribe to kramola in social networks: VK OK Telegram Instagram The website #science #inventions #technology