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Несчастные дети СССР: бесплатные кружки и трудовое воспитание. Капитализм и люди творцы несовместимы

Seditious telegram Seditious instagram Material on the subject: It seems that today there is no problem with children's clubs and sections. Only money pay, as they say. Any parent can give his child to robotics, almost from the cradle, even for swimming, and, of course, in English, how can a 5-year-old citizen of Russia live without it? But let's see how this was done relatively recently, a few decades ago. "Invent-try-create" this motto of the 60s – 70s probably remember the students of those years, now retired. Passion for technical creativity was massive in the Soviet country, and God did not offend us with talents, and our guys were able to make. In the Soviet Union there was a powerful system of stimulation of scientific and technical creativity of youth – NTM, which gave primary technical skills, even in small villages worked technical circles, the participants of which chose in the future their profession based on the theme of these circles. Soviet magazines "Soviet designer", "Young technician", "Modeler – designer", "youth Technology" were for millions of boys and sometimes girls window into the world of science and technology, developed a creative vein and led away from the street, entrances and port. History of NTM is conducted since 1966 when across the country the large-scale youth movement for mastering the new equipment and technology, and increase of professional and cultural level of young specialists of the enterprise was developed. In each region of the country were held reviews of innovative achievements, competitions of innovators and inventors, the results of which were summed up at the all - Union exhibition of scientific and technical creativity of youth at VDNH USSR. The annual economic effect of the introduction of several such inventions is about a billion rubles. In 60-70 years across the country scientific and technical creativity throughout the camp were engaged in more than 20 million people, it was attracted more than 2.5 million students, worked more than 60 thousand circles of scientific creativity in vocational schools. About one million children were engaged in 450 scientific societies of school students, more than 400 clubs of seamen, aviators, pilots, astronauts, 140 000 circles of young technicians worked. But not only circles, labor education was the most important part in the educational process of the entire Soviet high school. For this purpose, inter-school training and production plants are created, equipped with everything necessary for mastering mass working professions. Experienced masters of production become teachers-mentors of children. Besides lessons of work where boys and girls for the first time made the hands, were also collecting waste paper and scrap metal. I remember the motto "BAM-pioneer train" and dragged to the schoolyard different metal stuff, and the more, the better. With metal in the country and so it was all right, but to win the collection of recyclables and become involved in the construction of the century - for many it was a great joy. Do you remember school Saturdays? Planted trees, "Decorate Home gardens, or Green outfit of the Fatherland." All these actions had a deep meaning and were painted with the spirit of romance. Interestingly, since 1943, boys and girls studied separately, in different schools, until 1954. And someone may remember the saying:"Only those who love to work October name." October appeared in the 1920s, these are children of the same age in October. Pioneers. All the while I dreamed of wearing a red tie. The first groups appeared at plants and factories. Be sure the furnace drum and the main banner. Later the school became a pioneer Octobrist to later on the chest to attach a Komsomol badge. Interestingly, many among the audience channel pioneer and October? Who had red ties and badges, write in the comments. Especially distinguished during their studies – honors and medalists-were invited to the Kremlin. Memories of high school - is learning, education and social life, they are inseparable and interrelated. Today, the Soviet school system is often scolded. Like, she was part of the ideological machine, but who would argue with the fact that the one who left us school, taught for real. The whole method of training was built so that everyone knew the basics of subjects on the tooth, even the threesomes. And the Soviet high school education programs were built in such a way that we received knowledge for life. In addition, the category of "children's cinema" and "children's literature" included books. __ Subscribe to kramola in social networks: VK OK Telegram Instagram The website # USSR #children #mugs