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Хозяева мира НЕ ДАДУТ ХОДА закрывающим технологиям. ПРОРЫВНЫЕ ДВИГАТЕЛИ не попавшие к потребителю

Seditious telegram Seditious instagram Our previous videos on this topic: Space X project intelligence The invention, which will not be Who killed the electric car Electricity does not exist 10 machines that could turn the world Top 7 inventions The monstrous lie of science Gasoline costs 2 rubles 7 unique technologies The technology that we have lost Why was the ether removed from the periodic table Gravity does not exist Inventions that have been stolen 10 inventions that could change the world The engine on the water under a ban We continue to talk about technologies that are prohibited for ordinary people. What do you know about the heart of your car, about its engine? What is it? And what would it be like if it weren't for a strategy to contain technology? Let's start with those that are not breakthrough, it's just a modification of engines running on fuel. Here, for example, the internal combustion engine of the orbital type. And it Skyactive X from the company Mazda, in which the methodology of the combustion of the diesel engine is used with gasoline synchronization. But the rotor engine, the money for the development of which was allocated from the us Department of defense. Here is another unusual engine. It is used with a counter movement of the pistons. Emissions of this engine compared to similar engines is less by 30%, but still its concept can not be called fundamentally new. All of these seemingly innovative solutions-just grinding old, created more than 100 years ago technologies. Maybe the engines running without burning fossil fuels - this fantasy and they have not yet invented? No, it's all been invented. Let's start with generators that allow you to split water into oxygen and hydrogen. The so-called in English-language sources of non-generator (h-h-o-generator), or the engine on the water, which we have already talked about on our channel. This is the typical HHO generator consists of a plurality of plates with a maximum thickness of a millimeter, which is placed in water. When the voltage is applied to this device, hydrogen and oxygen are produced. The usual electrolysis. In the city of Baikonur lives a man who claims that he has a similar generator that heats his house. In addition, it can be used in cars. On YouTube you can find a lot of videos on how to build a similar generator. There is an even more interesting invention. In the journal "Technology of youth", ponder on this date, in 1938, was published a note about the invention of the device that transformed water under the influence of sunlight and the process of photolysis in oxygen and hydrogen. The resulting hydrogen Professor Otto more used as fuel for gas stoves and heating the house. Thanks to this invention, he completely abandoned the consumption of gas from the utility network, because for the operation of this installation no additional costs were required, unlike electrolysis in the plates from the previous example. Here is another example from Russian news. Stavropol scientist constructed for heating of industrial premises to simple installation, which runs on waste oil. And this power setting heats the hangars, too, by splitting water. Such installations are very, very much. Around the world different enthusiasts, what only not invent. And why is it all not allowed to the masses? Why do you think? Maybe because all these developments, to put it mildly, will prevent oil corporations from squeezing the juices from the population of the planet planted on the oil needle? And here is even more interesting technology! The engine in the air. No, you heard right. We can still imagine a gas engine that runs on hydrogen split from water. After all, the alteration of the internal combustion engine on the gas that have not know-how. This, in General, practiced for a long time-cars on methane can be found on any road. __ Subscribe to kramola in social networks: VK OK Telegram Instagram The website #technology #engine #science