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Кто продвигает Ювенальную юстицию и киднепинг в России? Расследование, разоблачение преступной схемы

Seditious telegram Seditious instagram See also our past videos on the topic: ►what's wrong with school ►digital dementia ►5 facts about education ►about circles for children ►elite does vaccinations ►about vaccination of children ►why do the babies neck fold ►about the family and upbringing of children ►school power, film ►banning of calligraphy ►ban on masculinity ►about chastity ►about exposure and clothing We list a few facts that an ordinary person needs to know about juvenile justice. The fact that the first. The world's most famous "defender of children's rights", the author of the instructions on the implementation of the UN Convention on the rights of the child, UNICEF expert 77-year-old Peter Newell was a pederast and pedophile. A British court sentenced him to 6 years and 8 months in prison, which is quite a long time for Albion. The fact of the second. In Britain, the city Council of Brighton and Hove sent recommendations to local schools on children who doubt their gender identity. According to them, the school will be able to apply to social services in cases where parents, for example, do not allow their son to go to school in a skirt. The document also States that in all cases transgender students should be allowed to use the locker room, which corresponds to their gender identity, and not the biological sex. Fact three. The image of the father is most often damaged and has a multiple lower status in comparison with the status of the mother. It's not a coincidence, it's a trend. In domestic cartoons, filmed on the works of authors of different times and countries, often growing fatherless. In the cartoon about Carlson's dad (sleeping, by the way, apart from his mother) permanently busy, and its main functions – to make reprimands, put in a corner, muttering something in response to requests, Smoking and grabbing his head. Accordingly, the Kid finds himself the substitute of the Pope, another medium masculine – thick and awkward Carlson. The only cartoon that we managed to find where the image of the father is worthy of imitation is the childhood of Ratibor. Fact the fourth. The juvenile justice system operates in such Western countries as Germany, France, England, Italy, America, etc. Russia has introduced the juvenile justice system of the Western model. Over the past 5 years, 16 juvenile laws with a clear anti-family orientation have been adopted in Russia. Juvenile justice is based on the principle that a child has the same rights as an adult. And about his duties says nothing. The child has the right to apply to the authorities for the protection of his rights. This includes complaints against parents to the police or the court, which must immediately verify how the parents perform their duties. And most importantly, the child is immediately taken from the" improper " parents and given to the orphanage or foster parents to verify the facts. A special database on children must be organized. Schoolchildren and children in kindergartens are obliged to keep special diaries with the assessment of parents ' behavior. Diaries are checked by bodies of social supervision. One of the most important postulates of juvenile technologies is sexual education of children. Instead of the concept of "gender" introduced the concept of "gender". Such organizations as "Fund for support of children in difficult life situations", "national Fund for protection of children from abuse", St. Petersburg Institute of early intervention actively plead for the introduction of juvenile justice in our country. These organizations closely interact with each other and are associated with USAID - the American Agency for international development, which is engaged in promoting the interests of the United States in other countries. Among the partners of the" National Fund for the protection of children from abuse " are officially named: UNICEF; American Union of professionals against child abuse (APSAC); Institute of social services (IHS), Ohio, USA. In our country, those engaged in the Foundation of social orphanhood prevention and movement Forkidney. Governor Andrei Vorobyov, why in the suburbs sell children? __ Subscribe to kramola in social networks: VK OK Telegram Instagram The website #Yu #juvenalnaja #kidnapping