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Китай начал поставлять в Россию ПЛАСТИКОВУЮ ЕДУ - яйца мясо хлеб. ЖУТЬ. Чем нас кормят на самом деле

LIVING PRODUCT AT WHOLESALE PRICES. Subscribers Kramola discount 5%. VK - Instagram Hello, friends. What have you eaten in the last 24 hours? Probably healthy and tasty food... Most likely, by the end of this video the attitude to your daily diet will change radically. Why do our Pets stop drinking milk from a saucer? Don't want to lap up our mustachioed friends milk from the village as written on the packaging. Why not? Yes, because there is no village in reality. No milk, no sour cream. Most manufacturers have long replaced it with cheap, but profitable in the production of palm oil. Fruit yoghurts are irrelevant to the fruit, much of what made sausages, we better not to know. Everyone has heard about the eternal question-what before, chicken or egg. Now, we're going to show you how easy this dispute is. Eggs can appear at all without chicken. That's how it's done. Chinese workers deftly fill the molds with white and yellow liquid. Moreover, we have learned to forge and ready-made dish-fried eggs. A bit of some cloudy mucus plus a dense yellow substance. But it looks like a real egg. If you think these technologies are only relevant for China, which can't feed its population, you just haven't seen much. Eggs from an ordinary supermarket can be fake. Here, for example, the usual raw egg from the store to spin, as if it is already cooked. And if you break it, you can see almost a homogeneous mass, and the protein and the yolk are of the same consistency and immediately mixed in the plate, and the shell, if it is set on fire, does not burn at all, but melt. So what are artificial eggs made of? Shell of gypsum, calcium and paraffin, protein and yolk from a mixture of gelatin and a special polymer – calcium alginate, and tint them with pigments of the desired shade. The Chinese do not even hide this, on the contrary, actively promote their goods to the world, especially since the cost of such eggs is many times less than that of natural ones. In America, these eggs are sold as vegetarian eggs. This is regular rice. Thought so, the man who bought it at the store. Only after cleaning, Krupa has evolved in a granular clay. Now you can sculpt anything from it. That's not all the surprises from rice. The author of this experiment took the products of three brands, put a handful on the burner and began to heat and one of the samples suddenly burst into blue flame. Which means the polymer's on fire. Try to burn the pic from its packing, it may be too flammable... However, burning cottage cheese, chocolate and other pyrotechnic products have long been the stars of YouTube. Now look at this footage. On the table a plastic container with some liquid in it, add components, and voila – the meat is ready. It remains only to add the sauce and you can eat. Homemade sausage. I think it is useful? Then look at this. Salami made of plastic. This product is best used in pizza, says the expert. After all, the abundance of sauces and spices will give it more piquancy. Love black caviar? Then you just have to learn how to produce it. Watch and learn. The recipe is not complicated. Take the chilled vegetable oil, mix the gelatin with soy sauce, and then drip the black mixture into a container with oil. Eggs are formed right before your eyes. And if you want, red caviar, you can change the dye. From this such a fake is difficult to distinguish in appearance, and to taste, too. Bread for classic sandwiches with caviar is also worth choosing carefully. Not all the bread, that bread is called. Now it can be used instead of a rag or sponge to wipe spilled food from the table, and before the next cleaning it is enough just to wash it under the tap. This bread can be washed and the refrigerator panel, perfectly washes. Go on. Methanol in soda. Carcinogen in sausage. Septic tank in milk. Liquid smoke in dried fruits. Formaldehyde in salted herring. This is not a fantastic dystopia, but our everyday reality, which every day looks at us from the shelves. Modern food resembles a chemical time bomb, which has already begun to operate. In 2016, scientists have unveiled an eerie data. The bodies of people buried in the last 30 years have almost ceased to decompose. First sinned antibiotics that take modern people for any reason. But the real reason was even more shocking. Materials __ Subscribe to kramola in social networks: VC OK Telegram Instagram The website #Health #nutrition #GMO