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Кто заказал разоблачение Нинель Кулагиной. Ложь канала Россия 1 в передаче Соболева Идущие к Чёрту

Link to our previous video for superhuman abilities Seditious telegram Seditious instagram Materials In January of this year on Russian television thundered a documentary film by famous journalist Boris Sobolev " Going to hell." In it, he on the extensive evidence base exposed magic call centers, working in conjunction with the channels of TDK, Rest and other similar and demonstrated that all kinds of projects with the participation of the so-called psychics - this is pure staging. The average income of the founder of such an office is one million dollars per month. And the General-lieutenants protect this subject for a modest bribe about one million rubles a month. The percentage is not large, but for a man in uniform is very pleasant. With all the objectivity and meticulousness in the creation of this film, it is worth noting that under the distribution undeservedly got Ninel Kulagina, who could move objects without the help of hands and it was not her only superpower. The phenomenon of Kulagina has been repeatedly proven in the laboratory. And even when there were whistleblowers who accused her of using magnets, threads and glass fragments, Kulagina through the court achieved an official refutation of this information, as well as the one that deprived her of combat wounds and awards. And it was court against the magazine of the Ministry of justice "the Person and the Law"! 1987! Soviet power! But about this unique case for those years, not a word in the film Boris Sobolev. What else missed a famous Russian journalist in his investigation, we will tell in this video. Having looked up to the end, you will learn the real facts about the phenomenon of Ninel Kulagina, which supporters of Orthodox science prefer to keep silent. To begin with, let's estimate how many years can be led by the nose of Soviet scientists? Maybe a month? Or year? But the phenomenon of Ninel Kulagina was studied for 20 years! Not two, but twenty! Note that in the Soviet institutions were not religious guys who believe in miracles, and the most real skeptics-materialists, the most hardened atheists of his time. Kulagina studied 40 domestic and foreign scientists, including two Nobel laureates. After the sessions of telekinesis she felt the physical and moral devastation of a headache, which could result in vomiting. There are cases when a woman even fainted. In his indisputably useful film “Going to hell” Boris Sobolev refers to the testimony of an employee of the research Institute that during the search Kulagina allegedly found cunning devices to move objects on the table. But these are just words. Where's the evidence? Search protocols and so on? And if she found similar, and in this case taken these devices, then how she continued as if nothing had happened to pull off their magic tricks with objects read with your eyes closed, heating the palm and the like? Expositors claim that Ninel Kulagina attached magnets to her hands and thus acted on the compass needle. However, one of these videos shows that she first untwisted her hands, and then worked the whole body, moving his shoulders, and the arrow continued to rotate in the same direction. In the Great Patriotic war Kulagina received combat wounds in the intestines. After five operations on this body, doctors were forced to admit that because of adhesions do not have the right to cut it. Then she tried the method of auto-training-when the power of thought turns off the pain in the problem organ. At the session, Ninel Sergeevna found that she had made herself a burn of the first degree. Her doctor, Georgy Belyaev, recorded this. Gathered medical Council and recognized only the power of thought Ninel Kulagina can raise the temperature of the skin to burn. Since the late 60-ies on the account of her in addition to the listed skills were also: hands dispersion of the laser beam, rotation of the needle of the compass, blowing out the photographic film placed in the closed package, the change in the acidity of the water. Here, for example, the original of the Protocol of the experiment carried out on February 8, 78 in the apartment of academician Isaac Kikoin. Under the Protocol - signing of nine - and all the professors and scientists. __ Subscribe to kramola in social networks: VC OK Telegram Instagram The website #Test #Psychics #Superpowers