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Seditious telegram Seditious instagram Related material: about the black aristocracy about the Rothschilds about Rockefellers about Sifow about Baruch about Russian clans Part 1 about Gazprom and Co. 2 about St. Petersburg brigade Part 3 Economic killers are highly paid professionals who steal trillions of dollars from countries around the world. They redirect money from the world Bank, the American Agency for international development (USAID - USAID) and other international humanitarian organizations to the accounts of huge corporations and to the pockets of several wealthy families that control the planet's natural resources. Their tools include fraudulent financial information, election manipulation, bribes, extortion, blackmail, revolutions, personal connections, and murder. They play a game as old as the Empire itself, but one that has taken on new and terrifying dimensions in times of globalization. Don't I know that... because I was such a murderer.” It is with these words that John Perkins begins his autobiographical book " the Confession of an economic murderer.” Do you want to know who it is, what is corporatocracy and why it is not a myth? What methods used by U.S. agents for the enslavement of an entire country right now? Do you want to have information that until recently was firmly locked in the high offices of the first persons? Then watch this video carefully and to the very end. John Perkins, one of the few who told the truth about who the “economic killers” are, studied the speculative cuisine of the corporatocracy from the inside in the 70s-80s of the last century. And in the past few decades, little has changed. In his “Confession...” he noted that the most important goals of the corporatocracy are the continuous expansion and strengthening of its system. Constant growth, as in a malignant tumor. The life of corporate power, its entourage in the form of mansions, yachts, personal jets and other luxury items are presented as role models to constantly inspire the rest of humanity to consume endlessly. Every opportunity is used to convince people that buying goods is their civic duty, that plundering the planet is good for their economy and therefore serves the best interests of society. Economic killers are paid enormously high salaries to expand the sphere of influence of this system. If they do not cope, comes the turn of the so - called “jackals”, that is, the special services-it is much more unscrupulous killers than economic killers. If they fail, it is the turn of the military. Perkins writes:”in their quest to expand the global Empire, corporations, banks and governments (collectively, the corporatocracy) are using financial and political muscle to ensure that our schools, our businesses, our media support this flawed concept and its implications." According to John Perkins, corporatocracy is not exactly a conspiracy, but its members do have common goals and values. Let us recall the words of Jacques fresco that the people at the head of the System are essentially sick. Their craving for endless consumption and accumulation is of the same nature as the craving of the addict for a constant increase in the dose of the drug. For the sake of strengthening and strengthening their global Empire, these people are ready for absolutely everything, up to the use of the lowest means and methods. Economic hit men are now more numerous, I'm sure Perkins. These guys go into the offices of the most influential companies in the world, they go through the corridors of "Monsanto", "General Electric", "Nike", "General Motors", "Wal-Mart" ("Wal-Mart") and almost any large Corporation. These people are building a global Empire, subordinated to the American financial giants. Economic killers are an elite group of men and women who use international financial organizations to create situations in which other countries become subservient to the corporatocracy. They are in many ways similar to the classic mafia, because they offer protection. In the case of economic killers, patronage is offered to various countries in the form of loans for the development of the country's infrastructure, for example, for the construction of power plants, highways, ports, airports or technology parks. The main condition of such protection is that the planned projects should be implemented only by American engineering and construction companies. __ Subscribe to kramola in social networks: VC OK Telegram Instagram The website #economy #USA #occupation