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ЯДЕРНЫЙ ВЗРЫВ НА ФУКУСИМЕ БЫЛ СПЛАНИРОВАН. Физик ядерщик раскрыл правду о причинах катастрофы на АЭС

Seditious telegram Seditious instagram Related material: Feat in Chernoble There's no radiation No gravity There is no electricity part 1 There is no electricity part 2 Broadcast periodic What secret are the events on Fukushima that took place 8 years ago? Why after them in Japan were stopped almost all nuclear reactors? And who is behind all this, after all? Let's figure it out together... The former head of the Asia-Pacific division of Forbes magazine Benjamin Fulford was the first to talk about man-made disasters in Japan. When he interviewed Japanese Finance Minister koji Omi in 2007, he revealed that a group of American oligarchs threatened his country with artificial earthquakes, forcing Japan to give them control of its financial system. Two days after the interview, the largest nuclear reactor on Japan's main island, Honshu, became the epicenter of two 6-and-a-half-magnitude earthquakes. After koji Omi, who had not worked as Finance Minister for a year, resigned without official explanations. All this can be considered a far-fetched conspiracy, and Benjamin Fulford perceive only as an American freak, but what about these facts? Immediately after the Fukushima bombings, China made a statement that Japan had conducted a failed nuclear bomb test. Following this report, it was confirmed by certain scientific experts of France and Germany. They noted that in the area of the epicenter of the earthquake was a nuclear explosion. But the others said nothing about it. The explosion was at the epicenter of the earthquake. And the French and Germans even recorded the release of cesium 137. This is an extraordinary event and a very serious statement. Three serious countries, and no discussion. Which is supremely weird. But that's not all. In Russia "nuclear incident" was recorded too. At the Institute of nuclear physics of Novosibirsk Akademgorodok for the first time in many years sounded the alarm. The radiation safety service of the Institute recorded an increase in the radiation background on the territory of the Institute. The natural background was exceeded 3.7 times. It turned out that the source of radiation is the atmosphere itself. These suspicions were dispelled only after the analysis of data from satellites, which were done in cooperation with the Rhine Institute of environmental problems, University of Cologne. And they gave an even more amazing result – the source of radiation was Japan, the disaster at the Fukushima-1 nuclear power plant. Radioactive clouds with cesium-137, however, did not come from the East, but from the West, making almost a complete revolution around the Earth, passing over the Pacific ocean, the US and Canada, the Atlantic ocean, Europe and the Urals. A more detailed analysis of the satellite data produced another unexpected result. The source of radiation is not at the Fukushima-1 station, it was located tens of kilometers East of the coast of Japan, in the Pacific ocean. Moreover, it coincided with the epicenter of the most devastating earthquake in recent years, which caused the tsunami, which resulted in numerous casualties and destruction in Japan. About the tsunami should be said separately. With this phenomenon, too, is not all right. Judging by the spread of waves, the source of the tsunami in this case was a point. But this is very rare in underwater earthquakes. As a rule, in an earthquake, a sufficiently large surface of the earth serves as a wave generator, as a result of which the tsunami wave has a very wide front. As a result of this earthquake, the wave front was quite narrow, which indicated its local, almost point source near the coast of Japan." The version about nuclear explosion in the sea near Fukushima is confirmed also by the analysis of seismograms. The first figure shows typical nuclear test and earthquake seismograms. In a nuclear test in a zone where the seismic activity is small, there is one powerful push and weak subsequent, rapidly damped oscillations. In a nuclear explosion in a seismically active zone, these two processes overlap. The first powerful impetus from a nuclear explosion followed by continuous oscillations of the earth's surface. In the case of the Fukushima earthquake, it is very significant that the magnitude of the earthquake was 9, which corresponded exactly to the explosion capacity of 100-200 megatons. __ Subscribe to kramola in social networks: VC OK Telegram Instagram The website #Fukushima #nuclear #accident